Musings on a Rainy Afternoon

Abode by deadpoet88


The clouds formed a carpet in the sky,
Shedding drops of heaven to the ground,
The wind danced like my fickle mind,
Changing direction with every sound,
And I sat dreamily watching the cold wet tar,
As a flower fallen, was picked up by the wind,
And rolled down the pavement before it stopped,
So enchanting was the moment,
Mesmerized, my eyes lingered to it constantly,
Though I knew the wind had dropped it home.

I sat there listening to the voices of children talking,
As friends who sat beside me talked of news,
Yet I heard nothing, but the sound of silence
Trying hard to be heard, but still quite amused.
The gooseberry flavor lingered on my tongue,
Recently stolen from the garden nearby,
The taste was tangy, my tongue dry,
As I sat there dreamily pondering over life,
Life was sour, life was bitter, and oh so sweet,
And then I thought of you and smiled.

Sadness crept into my heart in faint traces.
As I stared at the poor man’s abode across the street,
It was desolated and empty, with a shiny lock,
Rusting, and so fragile, as if about to fall,
Yet among the riches, stood this poor man’s life,
Possessions meant nothing in these times of strife,
But his world was hidden behind that decaying door,
Through which he must have crawled every night,
To lie awake until the thoughts clouded his mind
And put him in a state of sweet slumber.

The wind blew, and took my mind for a ride,
To unknown faces, and far off places,
And a beautiful sadness took over my soul,
Threatening to steal away my feelings so cold.
The voices from the distance came to life,
As if awakening me from a dream,
But my heart was light, my thoughts dreamy,
As we walked back to our box of reality,
The fallen flowers floating in puddles,
Kept me from forgetting that sad, beautiful emotion.


21 thoughts on “Musings on a Rainy Afternoon”

  1. To sit and stare at the pouring rain and let your mind wander – one of life’s simple pleasures. You so beautifully bring out the way the mind often jumps from one emotion to another, one thought to the next, “changing direction with every sound”, when left unconstrained. Wonderfully written.

  2. bitter sweet, dp, so bitter sweet is life and it’s many facets. I could see the poor man, living rough, with all his possessions, and the broken down abode …As one thought leads to another, so life takes us on a merry go round of emotion. Bitter sweet applies so well. Just lovely , simply lovely meanderings of the mind on a wet and windy day. xPenx

  3. Sometimes, I find myself feeling melancholic for no reason at all. Makes me feel poetic most of the time 🙂

    The piece flows and ebbs and fills certain spaces I thought were long dead. It’s a beautiful work.

  4. Too many parts that I SO love here to mention but within this was a lesson: “the wind had dropped it home”

    a bit of meditation took place, how the winds of life wherever they blow us to is where we’re meant to be, in that place, at this time, despite ourselves, it is home! 🙂

    thanks for this!

  5. dear dp,

    i especially loved the third stanza when the protagonist have shifted her gaze across the street where a humble shack is found. the irony of it, the poor man may have the best of deep slumber every night. see, tangible and intangible things in life never guarantee a lifetime of peaceful mind. riches and love can be found in the simplest forms of living. this is what i have digested from your poem, and i feel good inside. great write here my friend.

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