Solitude – deadpoet88


I am but a traveler
Spinning through time
Without innocence, yet naive
An aimless wanderer,
A vagabond of spirit
Stripped of all sanity

I know not what I long for
Nor do I seek out what I need
For pride, my marionettist
Won’t cut the threads that control me
And my psyche longs to rebel
For it has tasted a bite of freedom

None know I have a depraved heart
For a smile is all they see
My deceptions run too deep
And one cannot discern the difference
Between genuine emotion
And dark lies inside of me

For my heart’s a forlorn passenger
The world its broken spine
Forgotten in the midst of
The light for which I pine
Drowning me in despair
Watching as the air bubbles float to the surface

I am but a traveler
Is this all there is to life?


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