A Pocketful of Sand

“Greeting the Ocean” by deadpoet88


I sat alone by the seashore
Waiting for the waves to catch me
And take me out to sea
Yet I felt a strange fear
Of being washed up on alien shores
And finding the emptiness that haunts me.

The sands were soft under my feet

As the sea would come to greet me
With a delightful coolness
And splash me when I least expected>
Leaving the taste of lingering salt on my tongue
And the rough sand clinging to my dress.

I danced a waltz with the ocean

Catching the water in the cup of my hand
As the waves rolled higher, engulfing more sand
And there was no one I wanted but you
To hold my hand as I walked on
Into the ocean to greet the highest wave.

I surrendered to the saline waters

Letting it play tug of war with my body
I watched the pebbles roll out beside me
Too feeble to resist the smoothing waves
And crab peeked through the salty liquid
Before being carried out to sea.

Then I found myself standing

As the waves crashed against me
And took me closer to peace
And I walked away from the salty sea
With an unexpected gift left by the ocean
A pocketful of sand and a smile on my lips.

There is something about the ocean which draws me towards it. I guess most people must feel this way about the ocean, but I somehow believe that I have such a liking for it because I spent much of my childhood living near it. I didn’t visit it that often, but if I had known what a wonderful the sea is at that time, I’m sure I would’ve gone there every chance I had. Some of my earliest memories are about beaches, seashells, and the sound of the waves. Somehow I’m feeling kind of nostalgic about it. There is nothing like sitting in the water as the waves lap over you. I can just sit and listen forever.

8 thoughts on “A Pocketful of Sand”

  1. My recent trip to cancun made me realize this too! And it inspired to write something (which I still haven’t published…duhh) But after reading your beautiful poem here, I am doubly inspired to put it up! The sea holds a charm that sets it apart from everything else… I still am afraid of water entering my ears and nose, but I have to admit, the feeling of waves lapping against my feet and ebbing away, taking with them half my frets and worries – well, that feeling can compare to nothing else!!

    Your poem has an innocence in it that I sooooo fell in love with…
    Welcome back to the writing world, Sonam…. It’s so good to be reading your work again…

  2. You and I share the same love for oceans and seas and I like how you’ve honored the waves and the sands in your poem. I do hope he is there with you, to hold your hand in the journey towards finding peace and beautiful life!

  3. “There is something about [your poetry] which draws me towards it.”

    Good job on including an original picture and not a “Google Search Image” 😛

    Been ages since I snooped around your blog. I trust all is well.

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