Letters by deadpoet88


The ink bled through the pores of parchment,
And the words written came from the depth of the soul,
Hoping the warmth radiates through the thin paper
With black words scratched with a feather quill.

Late into the night, the words did flow
From ink pot to glistening lines by candlelight,
Until the hands grew weary, and the thoughts numb,
Though the heart was still filled to the brim with words.

Slowly the candle wax melted, as hands kept writing
Till warnings of solitary smoke filled the room,
The signature was signed with reluctance,
And the letter folded delicately, the envelope sealed.

Maybe the words did not sound quite as the heart felt,
But the soul still shone through the ink,
And the warmth of the hand that wrote the words,
Could still be felt as its fragrance filled the room.


17 thoughts on “Letters”

  1. ah dp, you’ve captured so much emotion with your words and description, that I want to look at the letter, I have a steam kettle handy for just this purpose, may I? OK…I won’t, but a bygone age is felt throughout your poem, simply wonderful. xPenx

  2. Oh dear! I felt the intensity in this one, Sonam.. it was like some glowing presence which you cannot see, but only feel..
    A superb write!
    I guess the quill just knows the feelings that go into what’s about to be written… no?

  3. The magic of hand-written letters and how the ink contains the sparkles of the soul! How the heart wishes to fill the paper with fine feelings, but on the end the receiver might not catch the glimpse of the emotions behind the ink .. This is how I see it … very touching poem S!

  4. This had a somewhat somber feel even though the words being written were coming from the soul of the writer. I’m not sure why I felt this… But I enjoyed it’s tender emotion–beautifully delivered.

  5. Your words breathe life to what you create… So vividly descriptive, and such wonderful images! This is great work.
    Its been really long, as I havent been blogging of late, and it sure feels great to be back visiting. Thank you, for sharing your work, and your talent, which makes me want to visit, whenever I think of blogging.

  6. dp,

    i think this piece is conversational. the emotion as exquisite as that of the blank ink with its feathery friend-the quill. such fragrant feelings floating into that candlelit room, how solitary. this is perfect for me.

  7. Ahh, I can see the scenario playing out like a scene from a well-loved old movie. πŸ™‚ I can actually smell the heady aroma of wax and perfumed ink as I was reading this

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