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The clouds have arrived,
In chariots, driven by wisps of vapor,
Entangled and entwined
In the greatest phenomenon
To bring down a shower
Of the first monsoon rains,
To quench the thirst of the earth,
Baked by the summer sun,
Rendered a lifeless brown.

We wait in anticipation,
For the rain to pour down,
And drench our weary hearts,
But the clouds hang over us,
Teasing us, taunting us,
Bringing us cold winds
But keeping the rain at bay,
Letting out only a few drops,
To let us know they are heavy
But cruel in every way.

We can hear them laughing,
And see their smile,
Then feel a drop of life
Fall at our feet,
The sky is charged
With the greatest energy
But we will have to wait
Longer than we had hoped
For the Tempest to come in
And let the roads turn to rivers
That will sweep us off our feet.

And lo’, the storm’s a comin’,
After waiting for days,
It’s here to bring color
And sound sleep to the tired,
With the pitter-patter of  drops,
That fall on the window,
And give us promises
Of a cool and windy morning
We wait in anticipation,
As the rain sings us a lullaby,
And we drift into sweet slumber.


Perfect Poet Award Week 45

I got the Perfect Poet Award for Week 45.  I would like to thank everyone for it!
I would like to nominate Jamie Dedes for the next award.
The above poem is my acceptance poem.

Solitary Confinement

I received the Perfect Poet Award for Week 39.  I would like to accept it, and I nominate Lynna for the next Award.

Perfect Poet Award Week 39

I also received The Celebrate Poet of Spring Award. Thank you to everyone who voted for me.

Celebrate Poet of Spring Award

Here is my acceptance poem.

Broken and Stitched Up


Standing In a room
Full of laughing people,
Friends I’ve come to know
And cherish with all my heart.

What more can one ask for?
Than these friendly smiles
The jokes and fun
And their caring shoulder to lean on?

Still sometimes I discover,
That no matter what,
No matter where, or with whom,
I am all alone in the dark.

Essentially and elementally isolated,
Broken and stitched up
Over and over again
I am but a child of solitude.



Perfect Poet Award Week 37

I accept the Perfect Poet Award for week 37. Thank you Jingle for the award. I would like to nominate Jingle to receive the next award!

My acceptance poem is below. I wrote this many years ago (about six years ago), just thought I should put it up sometime. Good to compare my older stuff with now. We’re always evolving, aren’t we?


Emotionless, I slip into the black
What I once felt can never come back
The rain that once poured forth
Has turned to the ocean soaked in blood
Laughing at my open wounds
I feel myself fall into the infinite mud

Emotionless, I walk oblivious of all
I’ve come so far, I feel not the fall
The winds are getting stronger
As the ashes and snow cover the ground
Smiling on forever
One can hear failure’s abhorred sound

Emotionless, I take a run into the night
No matter what I do, I’ll never win this fight
The waves have become so violent
The celestial lightning shows us his wrath
I lay here scarred so very deep
As the darkness seeps into my long forgotten path

Emotionless, I ride apathetic of the storm
I find myself fading of solid form
The sun happens to be melting the snow
Forming rivers of lost souls, rivers of death
I have been left forsaken
Left to die with a thousand sinful heathens

Emotionless, I dash into an open field
Claustrophobia my defense, my only remaining shield
The leaves form a swirling tower
Threatening to engulf me in their fiery flames
Yet I stand there calmly frowning
Tired of playing these useless subliminal games

Emotionless no more, the emotions are returning
For all that I’ve lost, I find myself yearning
Silent is the atmosphere, violet is the sky
Tomorrow is lost forever
The tears roll down my cheeks as I wait here to die
Just die and fade, never to be found, never

For emotionless I am, emotionless forever…


Okay I know that one is dark and depressing. I used to consider it a masterpiece back then, but I guess I don’t like it as much anymore.

Some Awards, and a Poem -> Tic-Tacs

I am going to club a couple of award posts into one post.

The first award is the Perfect Poet Award for Poets’ Rally Week 26, which was given to me by Jingle, and I am very honored to receive it. Thank you so much for nominating me, I really appreciate it and I don’t have enough thank yous to give out.

The Perfect Poet Award – Week 26

I would like to nominate Amanda for the Perfect Poet Award for Week 27.

To accept the above award, I must write a Poem or Haiku. I have never tried writing a Haiku before (apologies if I made some mistake in this one), so I thought I would try it out. Criticism is most welcome.


I am addicted,
To orange flavored tic-tacs,
Drowning ecstasy.


I have another award to give out. I am very grateful to Amanda and Jamie Dedes passed this award on to me, and I must thank you both for this award. I am honored to receive it. Here is the list of bloggers I would like to pass this award to. Please pass it on to 1 to 10 people to accept this award.

Outstanding Blogger Award

Thank you to everyone, have a lovely week ahead!