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The Edge



I’m standing at the edge again,
Looking down and waiting,
For the slightest blast of wind
To sway me, convince me
Coax me over the jagged cliff,
Down to the waters below,
To meet the smoothened stones,
Crashing waves, my longing gaze,
And the sun is yet to be swallowed.

The cold stone is slippery,
Threatening to pull me down
Before my mind has been made up
It knows the turmoil within
The deepest crevice of my soul
It knows the strange calm
Quivering at the tip of my lips
Waiting for the wisp of a command
To either take the leap of courage
Or to turn away from my so-called fate.

The word lingers at the edge
Of consciousness, unfelt, unheard
Twisted by reason to mean nothing
But the feelings remain raw, untouched
The substance of dreams cannot be changed
Memories can be mutated in the mind
But the essence of each drop shall remain
All the while, the echoes shall lie
Forgotten in the deep dwelling of the soul
The soul that never existed.

The command has been whispered
I remain standing, unable to comprehend
Where life has brought me
Where I am to drift, as I have been drifting
Almost unconsciously, yet fully aware
I’ve been going as the wind takes me
How much further must I go?
The road is long and weary,
Twisting and turning,
The cliff is inviting,
One single slip
And it’s over
I’m falling