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Welcome to the Machine

Welcome to the Machine. Taken From: http://pinkfloydandthesundancekid.wordpress.com/2007/11/16/welcome-to-the-machine/


Welcome to the machine, fellow human,
Whose senses have dulled over the years,
Placid stimulation gushes through your nerves,
Can you feel any real sensation anymore?

Welcome to the machine, rotten taste-buds,
Daily indulgence leads to monotone,
Until there lies no difference between
The tastiest food and distilled water.

Welcome to the machine, morbid minds,
All emotions are discarded as aberrations.
And the heavy perfume hides the stink
Of our decaying brains, intellectually deprived.

Welcome to the machine, hardened bodies,
The magical touch, the feel of frigid cold,
Or softness of skin on skin, has faded,
The only sensation left is that of numbness.

Welcome to the machine, dear humanity,
The machine which drones on,
In the background of our mind,
Taking with it the sound of silence.

Welcome to the machine, dulled musician,
For there are no differences left
Between traffic horns playing their symphony
And the notes flowing through the radio.

Welcome to the machine, plastic faces,
With layers of lies upon more lies,
Concealed so well it’s all that shines through.
And the only beauty seen is plastic smiles.

Welcome to the machine, dead dreamers,
Whose dreams were killed early in life,
And life was spent trying hard to avenge
The loss of the only thing that really mattered.

Welcome to the machine, hollow faces,
Where all personalities merge into one,
Programmed to breathe, programmed to live.
Programmed to be absolutely no one.


The above is greatly inspired by a song by Pink Floyd, “Welcome to the Machine”. I guess it has more to do with what the title and the music evokes in me than the actual lyrics of the song. I thought and thought about how the world works more like a machine, where we’re told to follow a set path, and become the plastic successful person with no real personality or dreams of his/her own. Yes, there is still a lot of variety, a lot of individualism, but somehow I believe that there isn’t enough of it. Then again I guess we all live in a little shell, and we only perceive things as we see them around us. We’re all little frogs in a well who haven’t seen the ocean, and some of us might never see the ocean. Anyways there I go rambling again.

Apologies for my lack of posts, I’ve been kind of busy, but more than that I’ve just been suffering from writer’s block. I hope to be back soon with something better, I know I’m not entirely happy with how this turned out. Hope all my fellow blogging friends are doing well. I apologize for my disappearance as well, will try my best to visit your blogs as soon as I possibly can.

Food for the Soul


Transported to another world,
With the sound of music,
Ringing in my head,
Like a single voice of sanity,
Alone reaching through,
The deepest wells of dementia.

Guitar solos taking me,
Into dimensions undiscovered,
Drums beats mocking my feet,
For all I can do is tap them,
Voices so strong, as they sing,
Out from the depth of their heart.

Music can bring peace,
In the midst of violence.

The Great Gods,
Can never be forgotten,
For they bring with them:
Hope, freedom, anger, pain,
Joy, truth, wisdom,
Insanity, chaos,
Truth, lies,
And so much more,
Than we can imagine.

I bow down to the pasts gone,
The present,
And futures to come.
Thank you for the deepest,
Reaches of your soul.


Note #1: The above is a tribute to all my favorite bands (I might have missed tagging some of them). Music has a way of healing and bringing a sense of sanity in people, well at least for me.

Note #2: The image is not mine (most images on this blog aren’t mine). Though of course I wish it was mine 😉

Note #3: I don’t think this tribute is any good, but well, I’ve been feeling greatly in awe of some bands recently, and just wanted to put it in words, though the words just didn’t come out right. 😐


Tablets to Numb the Senses


Floating above the clouds,
Lightheaded, blurred vision.

The pain was numbed out of existence,
Though a dull ache lives on,
Pounding its way to the surface,
Only to be pushed back by the pills.

Like floating underwater,
Hearing distorted, nay, completely unheard.

The stars, they beckon me softly,
I rise and silently float towards them.
I reach out to them with all my might,
But find myself falling through the air.

It always feels like flying,
Before you hit the ground.

My senses were dulled by these white tablets,
These drugs encased in antibiotics,
Blue pills to bring about a dazed state,
Medicines to confuse the mind.

What remains of this state of mind?
When all is lost to oblivion.

Commands go unheard, none listen,
The mind can see and feel in slow motion,
The signals never reach the muscles,
For they never leave the safe haven of the brain.

I have reached the zombie state,
Waiting un-dead, thoughtless.

Breathing comes easy, sleep easier,
Above all is the lightheaded feeling,
And I cannot feel my feet,
As I glide slowly towards my destination.

Yet the destination waits, forsaken,
As the mind lets out a sigh.


Note: Okay, I am not on drugs or anything, or well, technically speaking, I am (but on legal drugs). I’ve had a cough and cold for over a week now. Got fever on Sunday, but didn’t really think it was serious. Woke up Monday morning with a terrible ache in my ear. Went to the doctor, and was told I’ve got an ear infection, and a really bad one at that. Landed up staying home for two days instead of going to office because of my sickness. My ear ache would still be there had I not been on painkillers, antibiotics, and some other random medicines prescribed to me. I still feel like half my head is underwater. I guess my present state inspired me to write the above (along with the song “Comfortably Numb” -Pink Floyd).