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The Art of Longing

Dead Rose


Sometimes you pine for what you’ve never had,
Sometimes you pine for what you’ve lost,
And cry rivers for unrequited love,
When you’ve lost more than what it cost.

Yet never do you learn to appreciate,
The wildflowers peeking through the cracks,
When red roses wilt, wither, and die, you mourn,
Though wildflowers strive to brighten up the track.

These roads leading to the walls of your heart
Can be tread by a select few,
Yet you never care to take the path,
Of one whose heart beats just for you.

And then you say there is no one in this world,
Who can stand by your side for life.
For the ones you would follow to the end,
Are the ones who left in the midst of strife.

So you pine for what you’ve never had,
You pine for what you’ve lost,
And continues this vicious mess,
Where you gain nothing more than loss.




Demons of the Past


The demons of our past stand naked,
Running free through the fields of our mind.
And we hide, we hide from ourselves,
This past which cannot be denied.

The ranger passes through, singing,
And the mist does slowly disappear.
Yet the demons go on cowering,
In these songs we hold so dear.

Raging through the wild dust storms,
These demons bring naught but strife.
Lurking, waiting, to pounce upon us,
As we go about trying to live this short life.

The rain pours, and the willow whispers,
Yet all that can be heard are the voices.
These demons, always screaming in the head,
Of the past, and once made choices.

Exhaustion seeps into the mind so silently,
Exacerbating the insanity within these thoughts.
The demons feed with such power,
The battle seems lost even before it has been fought.

Somewhere along the paths of destruction,
Lie the shadows that evolve from the light.
And these demons striving so hard to kill from within us,
Too must die at the hands of the fading night.


I bow down to the demons,
For I was but a truant,
Waiting in the darkness,
Never stepping into the light.


And fellow bloggers and readers, I am back! I am just too much in love with writing to take a break. Glad the phase is over, glad that I could make up my mind.


Summer Wind


Summer has come and gone,
And the fragrance of these soft memories,
Hang heavy in the air.
Leaving traces of a life I once had,
Lingering on in the touch of your breath,
Fleeting, always fleeting, never to be caught,
These memories I have tried so hard to hang on to.

Memories, forgotten or destroyed.





The stars shine brightly in the sky,
Like the glittering petals of roses in the sun.
Melancholy hangs heavy in the air,
Like the fragrance of a thousand gardenias.
The heart yearns for a past forgotten,
Where empty words were once echoed.

The touch of the silver moonlight
Sends a chill running through the air.
The mind feels elated as the wind touches the cheeks,
Though it is cold, inside there is only warmth.
As the mind forays ahead seeking adventures,
Under the keen eye of this sad silence.

The crickets chirp their midnight song,
Fireflies dance to the tune of the wind.
The feet touching the soft grass feel lighter,
As they too begin to sway to the rhythm.
The sorrow blows with a deafening song,
A song to soothe the nostalgia in the soul.

Drops of honey scented rain begin to fall,
Softly drenching the turmoils of the heart.
The pain, the anger, the darkness, washes away,
All that remains is a dose of bittersweetness.
And the heart grows wings and sings its song,
Of joyful tomorrows, and dolorous yesteryears.

Was this sorrow always a part of the will,
The will to feel, the will to live, the will to die?
For without it, I can feel no joy.


The above has been written for Week 25 Thursday Poet’s Rally.