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Here we stand, like lost souls,
Stranded on the island of our inner thoughts,
With nowhere to go, and nothing to take us away
From the Tempest wrecking havoc
When all we long for is some clarity.

We go on living, without a care
For the dreams that made us who we are
The same which we buried underground
Like treasure hidden beneath the sand
We pine for it, but it is lost, and cannot be found.

Life has a way of teaching us
To adapt as times passes us by
By becoming colder and more indifferent
Towards even what we once felt strongly for
Until someday we have no feelings left at all.

/*Yet somehow, the numbness almost fades
When it comes down to you,
If even for only a moment, it’s all I need…
For now.*/

Faces come and go, like the pages of a dull book,
Read too fast, without peeping in between the lines,
Or really trying to comprehend what has been said,
Yet each word has been glanced at, each letter sounded out,
And we claim we have understood everything.

Disillusionment is the easiest road to choose,
When facing a fork in the State of Confusion,
It seems well lit, but the night is long and dark,
The sun never rises, the moon never sets
And we are prone to stumbling, a little too often.

The journey becomes a compromise
We make one step at a time, one event at a time,
Choosing necessity over our aspirations,
Picking mediocrity in a life we never wanted,
Over the excellence we could have achieved.

Still they tell us to dream, to dream big,
But I’ve lost mine, they fell out from my pocket,
Unnoticed, as they softly fluttered to the ground,
But all hope is not lost, for there must be a way,
To rediscover dreams, and start a sincere chase.

It is time to unlearn, and rebuild.



Lost in Space and Time


Are there pain killers for a broken heart?
For the ache intensifies all through the day.
Exhaustion clings fast, pulling me under the waves.
The tears soak my pillow, as my eyes close for the night.

Maybe life takes us for a rough ride,
So we can appreciate the streaks of joy,
In this otherwise disenchanting life.

I never thought, before words slipped my mouth,
And you knew more than I cared to tell.
Yet, never did I stop this stream of thoughts,
I just believed you would always understand.

I never felt the need to hide myself,
From the people who mattered to me most,
Only that I never meant enough to them.

Oceans of regret lay in front of me,
My impulsiveness always leading to roads,
Of mistakes I never had intentions to make,
But actions based on raw emotion always lead to misery.

Though I always find myself drowning in fits of emotion,
Sometimes the recklessness of the heart pays off,
In rare moments of absolution.

I could never stand to be disappointed,
Always taking to heart words spoken by another,
Trusting where I never should have dared to trust,
Only to face these demons called frustration.

The heart is naive, like an innocent child,
Sometimes it needs to feel this disillusionment,
To grow wise with regard to this unfair world.

What did I not do to keep this thread from breaking?
Yet, still did the thread sever, without a hint,
Of even the faintest weakness,
And I found myself falling to the ground.

The ground was hard, and unfriendly,
Yet had I not been hurt so badly,
How could my real friends have picked me up?

Always did I try to understand, another’s circumstances,
Though I was rarely understood,
And the voices in my head still haunt me,
Why should I not judge, when others always do.

Yet, how could I have chosen to be critical of their actions,
For what right do we have to judge,
When we ourselves are flawed?

In this world where honesty and ethics have no place,
Still did I try my best to do the right.
Often I found myself being left behind,
Even by those for whom I took a strong stand.

Had I faltered in my choices between right and wrong,
The guilt would have followed me around for life,
Like the pain seeping through the walls of this prison.

It is only with sadness, with the taste of salty tears,
That we learn to appreciate the ring of laughter.
It is only with mistakes and failures,
That we learn to pick ourselves up when we fall.

So I walk this road ahead of me,
As a smile touches the corners of my lips,
And I walk into the embracing arms of life.


Note: No internet connection at home, so it will be hard for me to reply to posts and visit fellow bloggers. I would just like to Apologize in advance. Have a great weekend!