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Bow down to your fears in awe,
Quickly take out an iron dagger,
And stab each one to death.

For fear is merciless when touched
By the breath of a coward,
Cruel and demented, when eyes shy away.

Fear cuts at the slightest sign of weakness,
Like no scar a knife can leave,
The will breaks, scattering like shards of glass.

Fear seeps silently through the darkness of the mind,
Ubiquitous is its hunger,
As even the faintest trace of light is extinguished.

Fear is carried by the wings of the wind,
Like a parasite, growing larger,
As it drains the life from the body of its host.

Thus, give in to fear, but let fear not know
The face of a craven,
Lest a wish to be scourged for eternity lies on your lips.

For fear cuts deeper than sticks and stones. *


* This line is not entirely original. The original line is “Fear cuts deeper than swords” by George R. R. Martin in his A Song of Ice and Fire series. I found that line very inspiring, though the concept of this poem came to me far before I read the series.