Someday, someday, when the morning light falls on my face, I want to feel myself flying like a bird in the sky. Carefree, with a feeling of ecstasy in my heart, and a song of melancholy on my lips.

Someday I want to feel the rush of the raging river, sweeping me off my feet like a magical charm. I know it would feel like floating, quietly drowning in this river of life.

Someday I want to listen to the sound of silence, lingering in the night air. It is the silence in which lies a meaning so profound, a meaning that the burden of words can never truly find.

Someday I want to touch the stars that hang like fireflies in the night sky. If this could be the stuff dreams are made of, they would be made of star dust, that fall onto our eyelids while we sleep.

Someday I want to pick up from ashes, a fallen bird, and nurse it back to life. Yet I want it to be oblivious of my presence in bring it back to standing on its own two feet.

Someday I want to look into the eyes of a stranger and see my life pass by with him by my side. I just want to dissolve into his being, and him into mine, for we would be one, like where a river meets the sea.

Someday I want to make all your dreams come true, these dreams that keep you ticking. Only the dreamless like me understand what courage is needed to dare to dream.

Someday I want to feel myself falling, only to pick myself up again. It is the fall that teaches us to smile and learn to not take life for granted…



I hear a whisper in the willows,
The scent of eucalyptus fills the air.
I’m only climbing up the steps right now,
As though you were never really there.

I feel myself flying, touching the treetops.
I can still hear the screaming in my head.
A cold breeze catches me and sends me soaring,
As the earth shrinks into an insignificant thread.

I’m walking by your side now,
As you decide to lead the way.
I can feel the awkward silence,
But I can’t make it go away.

I’m too busy looking happy,
Too lost in believing everything’s alright.
Then again I hear the screaming,
And this time it gives me quite a fright.

You pretend as if you’re happy,
But I can see it in your eyes.
You wish for things to be so different,
Though you believe you’re paying back the price.

We’re feeding the brown ducks now,
It’s no longer something we can hide.
There’s this sadness on your face
Which desperately makes me want to cry.

I want to hug you and tell you I admire you,
I want to see you laugh.
But there again I hear the screaming,
And I lose the courage to do anything like that.

We’re heading back home now,
I really don’t want to go.
I’m terribly afraid of the screaming.
More than that, I don’t want to see you low.

As I step through the door of destruction,
I think of the day of which I just had a share,
But there’s only one thing that I remember:
I really love the scent of eucalyptus in the air…

I wrote this a couple of years ago, and it has now become one of my favorites.

This is my world, my wintry madness. I hope the snowflakes leave a trail of lingering warmth as they slip off your skin…

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