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Wintry Madness by deadpoet88


The snow dances in spirals,
Easily carried away
By the folly of the wind
Like the naive heart
Gets trapped by a smile
Or the look of a friendly face.

The snow swirls in patterns
Sometimes lifted up like a bubble
And you can almost reach out
To capture a snowflake
Frozen in the air for a split second
Until the wind nudges it on its way.

This wintry silence is piercing,
Yet like a serene orchestra
You can feel it flowing
Through your very veins
And you are lost in a white trance
As the snow floats down from heaven.

Every flake sparkles in the light
As if the sky has become generous
And is pouring diamonds
You feel afraid to tread
Over this carpet of gemstones,
Lest you take away their shine.

But alas, you must walk
Through the wintry night
Pondering over all you have lost
And  you know nothing was worth
More than what lit you up with a smile
Not even the sparkles falling to the ground.


A Pocketful of Sand

“Greeting the Ocean” by deadpoet88


I sat alone by the seashore
Waiting for the waves to catch me
And take me out to sea
Yet I felt a strange fear
Of being washed up on alien shores
And finding the emptiness that haunts me.

The sands were soft under my feet

As the sea would come to greet me
With a delightful coolness
And splash me when I least expected>
Leaving the taste of lingering salt on my tongue
And the rough sand clinging to my dress.

I danced a waltz with the ocean

Catching the water in the cup of my hand
As the waves rolled higher, engulfing more sand
And there was no one I wanted but you
To hold my hand as I walked on
Into the ocean to greet the highest wave.

I surrendered to the saline waters

Letting it play tug of war with my body
I watched the pebbles roll out beside me
Too feeble to resist the smoothing waves
And crab peeked through the salty liquid
Before being carried out to sea.

Then I found myself standing

As the waves crashed against me
And took me closer to peace
And I walked away from the salty sea
With an unexpected gift left by the ocean
A pocketful of sand and a smile on my lips.

There is something about the ocean which draws me towards it. I guess most people must feel this way about the ocean, but I somehow believe that I have such a liking for it because I spent much of my childhood living near it. I didn’t visit it that often, but if I had known what a wonderful the sea is at that time, I’m sure I would’ve gone there every chance I had. Some of my earliest memories are about¬†beaches, seashells, and the sound of the waves. Somehow I’m feeling kind of nostalgic about it. There is nothing like sitting in the water as the waves lap over you. I can just sit and listen forever.

Caged Freedom



Moving further away from reality,
The grass is no longer green
Or even a golden brown
Like the drop of apathy
Hanging heavy on the pavement.
There is no other side to look forward to
It has been embezzled by the present
And turned to a pile of rotting tomatoes
The show must go on
Though no one can remember
The last time it had been watched.

Illusions, the dearest of illusions,
Like shackles tying down the thoughts
Only wanting to pry free and elope
With the earliest breeze traveling to the north.
Where the hills rise up from the ground,
And the snow never melts,
Where rare crystal streams remind us of nature,
And what it is to be close to reality,
The same reality we have hidden
Behind grey buildings and tarred roads.

Eccentricity runs through the nerves
That brought to life these very words
But I am not afraid to be who I am.
In cages one is expected to live
Told tall tales about pseudo freedom
Garnished with lies and hypocrisy,
A friend today, a stranger tomorrow,
Only because one made the gravest mistake
Of being what they really believed in.
Then they tell me I can be free
Provided I follow the norms of society.

They can keep their freedom, tied up in a cage,
While I let mine roam the blue skies
For there is nothing wrong
With having different desires
And expectations from life
Than what billions before me have wanted.
Must I follow in the footsteps of the elders,
Who have left this world in ruins?
Maybe they can tie me, handcuff me to the walls
But my Spirit cannot be broken
My thirst for freedom cannot be quenched.
For I am not wrong, I just see things differently.


I guess I am greatly influenced by the movie, “Into the Wild”, and of course the soundtrack. There is a song which was especially on my mind, “Guaranteed”, somehow the lyrics affect me in ways I cannot describe.