The Storm

Winter is Coming

I sat still, listening to the trees dancing
To the whim of the indecisive wind,
But when I looked outside my window
I found the trees were as frozen as statues.

Only then did the real magic start
As a cascade of  leaves twirled down
Spinning round and round
With the frantic motions of the wind.

Each dance I watched, mesmerized,
As branches whipped and lashed the skies,
With each dance I watched of the falling leaves,
The more in the magic of nature did I believe.

The snowflakes joined in the symphony,
As the leaves floated like birds soaring high in the sky,
The trees swayed with the strong currents,
Their branches threatening to touch the ground.

The long awaited storm arrived in all its glory
And brought with it a deep calm and much joy.
I have always loved the sound of loud thunder
And the drops of rain splashing on my window.