The Clock is Ticking

The Sands of Time (Google Image Search)


I’ve always been looking for silence
But the ticking clock only grows louder
With every second lost to the past.

I find it strange sometimes,
How I only want to be an observer
Rather than a participant in the game of life.

The winds of change are ever blowing,
And I am swept up off my feet
When all I want to do is stand still
And breathe in the cool air.

The sands of my consciousness
Slip through my fingers and fall
Till I am lost in sweet slumber
With silent hopes of never waking.

I know now that I wish for nothing
Yet my heart still sighs for freedom
Maybe someday I shall be forgiven
Or maybe roads are meant to be lonely.

Looking back, I sometimes wonder
Whether I did a single thing right
Maybe my intentions weren’t always bad
But the outcomes never turned out as planned.

I have come to know myself
And the truth in all my lies
I am not who I thought I was,
How can I believe in what was never there?

The road I am walking leads nowhere
But I do not feel unhappy
Knowing of my futile existence,
Maybe I would not have it any other way.

The clock is ticking this life away
Every moment is just an echo
Of the disillusionment I have come to feel.

I am waiting every sleepless night
For the dawn to break upon my world
And play this delusive game of chance.