Alone (Found via Google Image Search)


Loneliness crept up slowly, unheard,
Like the madness set out to take over a soul,
And before I knew it, I could feel it in my bones,
This maddening loneliness would not leave me alone.

I could feel it stronger in the midst of the crowd,
Many smiling faces, but none could touch my heart,
All I wanted to do was run away from the noise,
Where I could be alone and feel my solitary warmth.

Familiar faces  distanced me with their words,
Strangers became easier to speak to, if required,
And afternoons spent alone in my little hole,
Became the best time I had ever spent, always alone.

Dreams of distant lands came to me often,
Where not a face knew me except my anonymity,
And I’d have a smile on my face, a song in my heart,
For this loneliness would be my supreme birthright.

So I built a shell around me, bit by bit,
A shell to hide from me the harsh sunlight,
A shell unbreakable, a shell so tight,
To keep my solitary happiness to myself.

Oh this Solitude, ’tis a vicious feeling that digs deeper,
Becoming an unwanted guest refusing to leave,
Making its home in the heart and mind,
Like a virus, incurable, bringing with it a sickness which stays.


18 thoughts on “Loneliness”

  1. A lot to relate to, deadpoet….Your words are so beautifully weaved…strange how pain posses an ability to tempt out the most incredible thoughts forced to be written down….A dark yet a brilliant poem…

  2. Lovely as always. It’s good to see you. I kept wanting to pull out my favorite lines, but then I realized I’d just be copying the whole poem. This spoke deeply to me, I know exactly how you feel.

    Be well!

  3. Your descriptive poem ‘Alone’ speaks of so much, dp, The circle of solitude, draws you in, and keeps you to itself… just as silence becomes something unbroken,. once the words refuse to be spoken…. Walls make a prison as well as somewhere to hide… xPenx

  4. I can relate to the beautiful words you wrote. I have that same wall made of brick for years. But now it is an invisible wall that som may enter now. If they have the right password.

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