Frozen by deadpoet88


I was captured in a moment,
From which I could not break free,
Writ on stone with broken threads,
And told to stop being what it means to be me.
I was frozen, so that I could not move,
The more I stayed, the more restless I grew,
I tried so hard to leave it all behind,
But I could not stay on, I could not be true.
And so I am stuck as a mere memory,
Fading fast into flat conformity.
I’ve become a shadow of what I could have been,
Frozen forever and unable to break free.


10 thoughts on “Frozen”

  1. A moment in time. captured forever… dp, is it always so, that it would fade into a shadow of it’s former self? a truism I suppose, but sad all the same. Loved the read my friend. xPenx

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