The clouds have arrived,
In chariots, driven by wisps of vapor,
Entangled and entwined
In the greatest phenomenon
To bring down a shower
Of the first monsoon rains,
To quench the thirst of the earth,
Baked by the summer sun,
Rendered a lifeless brown.

We wait in anticipation,
For the rain to pour down,
And drench our weary hearts,
But the clouds hang over us,
Teasing us, taunting us,
Bringing us cold winds
But keeping the rain at bay,
Letting out only a few drops,
To let us know they are heavy
But cruel in every way.

We can hear them laughing,
And see their smile,
Then feel a drop of life
Fall at our feet,
The sky is charged
With the greatest energy
But we will have to wait
Longer than we had hoped
For the Tempest to come in
And let the roads turn to rivers
That will sweep us off our feet.

And lo’, the storm’s a comin’,
After waiting for days,
It’s here to bring color
And sound sleep to the tired,
With the pitter-patter of Β drops,
That fall on the window,
And give us promises
Of a cool and windy morning
We wait in anticipation,
As the rain sings us a lullaby,
And we drift into sweet slumber.


Perfect Poet Award Week 45

I got the Perfect Poet Award for Week 45. Β I would like to thank everyone for it!
I would like to nominate Jamie Dedes for the next award.
The above poem is my acceptance poem.

18 thoughts on “Monsoon”

  1. Congratulations dp, and an award richly deserved….and this poem is wonderful, I feel like turning mu face up-to the skies and accepting the downfall, (In fact our sky at this moment in time is dark and threatening… rainfall is imminent, I see a shower time ahead… πŸ˜€ ) xPenx

  2. Congratulations on the award! πŸ™‚
    The poem is beautiful as always, so difficult to choose one particular line among all those gorgeous words….*let the roads turn to rivers* … speak volumes to me…

  3. Glad to see Jamie nominated, bravo for the award!

    Sweet words about the rain so much awaited, I can feel the longing, the silent wish for the heavy drops of rain! Very inspirational poem and in an absolute harmony with the emotions in it!

  4. What a perfect one to read at this time!

    I was sooooo beyond myself reading the word rain at my post. I had almost given a pre- declaration of a shower by the evening.. that’s so typically me.

    It’s yet to become pleasant.. but is dark, breezy and drizzling in breaks. It seems it’s gonna pour heavy πŸ™‚

    The opening stanza was “the” lines to state how the 1st drops of the monsoon feels to the earth and even me. I sit baked up myself- waiting eagerly for those clouds to weep down in agony..

    We can hear them laughing,
    And see their smile,
    Then feel a drop of life
    Fall at our feet,

    Your lines reminded me of the poem which I can recall only half now-

    Happy li’l rain drops falling at our feet
    We can hear you singing down the busy street!

    Much love and cool drops of rain xoxoxoxox

  5. Such a beautiful and heartfelt poem, I was gliding all along.
    The first rain is something, it is so special because it’s the first, after such a harsh (in India it is) summery weather.

  6. Very well done. Here in the drought-stricken state of Texas, I can almost taste the raindrops you speak of, and when I close my eyes I can feel the cool breeze on the morning after the rain. Too bad it’s my A/C.

  7. you know what’s so amazing about your poetry? It’s the fact that you personify things so well! Your poetry sinks in and touches the depths of the soul. Keep up the excellent work πŸ˜€

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