The Last Leaf

The Last Leaf


Swaying to the rhythm of the breeze,
The solitary leaf, hung by its stem,
Orange, crinkled, a little naïve,
Though it had lived to see the winter,
And had watched as his brothers left him behind.

It remembered the song of the Nightingale,
As it sung through the night,
Its song heard by few, but still sung with much blithe
Sitting nearby on the very same tree,
Oh, the nostalgia had set in much too clearly.

A home the leaf had, and many friends too,
Rustling in the wind, whispering with trees,
And thinking, just thinking of forgotten memories,
Life was a lively affair with many changes unseen,
But always felt as one season changed to another.

Winter was upon the horizon, waiting to lash down,
A chilling breeze left the solitary leaf astound
But he held on, with all his might,
That someday he may see the dear sunlight,
And be surrounded once again with rustling laughter.

Alas, with a gust of wind, the end had arrived,
His crinkled stem could hang on no longer,
And he was blown into the sky, far out and above,
He knew now what it felt to fly and touch the clouds,
Before he slowly fluttered to the ground, content.


36 thoughts on “The Last Leaf”

  1. This gave me the chills, Sonam! BEAUTIFUL! As I was reading this, I could only think of the homeless and destitute, of how they must be living through harsh Winters… it just made me sad..
    You have – ONCE AGAIN – made a deep impact on me with your poem, girl…
    Gee… It’s been a while since I’ve read your poems.. I have a long pending list ahead of me! A list of your poems! Do expect to be horded by my comments.. oki? 🙂

    Hugs and some warm love to you, dearie..

  2. So many last leaves, dp, on so many trees, hanging on for dear life, and hoping against hope that they will outlast all the others. (I felt and fought the urge to get some super glue and help keep him on that branch, cheating?) But what had to be, happened, and he flew his last dance of life, fluttering. Now I’m held, betwixt happiness and sadness. Wonderful prose and wonderful artistry of mind pictures you have created here. xPenx

  3. Nice! The moment I saw the picture of that red leaf, I was reminded of the story we had in school “The Last Leaf”

  4. I fell that I can easily relate to the leaf … the falling of the leaves before winter always make me sad, I can imagine if a leaf has a soul how sad it would be to know he/she is the last one, alone! Very touching poem S.!

  5. for a normal person this would seem creepy… for me this is excellent! \m/

  6. I love the story in your poem. The poem,rhymes and rhythms very nice too! What I thought was special is that the feel gave me a sense I was on a precipice pondering whether or NOT I should jump! Sometimes life pushes you! LIke the wind blowing your last leaf into space!

  7. I like the concept of wishing for one thing but recieving something so much better. Longing to see winter but flying instead. This over all was a great poetic story and would be remissed if you didn’t recieve good to great praise for it. Continue on your quest and I’ll see you again next rally.

  8. Hello.
    Hauntingly beautiful.
    The last two lines of the ending are so profound.

    Very nicely done!

    Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog.

  9. I loved the depth and meaning of the poem … beautifully expressed … I interpreted in two diff ways…
    one with literal meaning and other in relation to life…
    well written

  10. blowing in the wind, to life’s whimsy-

    I think you are writing my life’s story D. If I could, I would, for the past 5 years so many changes, so swiftly. I am that leaf. I am envious of it though as it seems to be anchored, even if not solid, between 2 branches.

  11. Beautifully expressed … loved it from the last leaf’s view … nostalgic, poignant ~~

    “He knew now what it felt to fly and touch the clouds,
    Before he slowly fluttered to the ground, content.”

  12. this flows so beautifully…like a leaf falling by a dreamy yellowish background….sad yet lightly sad…those concluding lines are just perfect…thanks for sharing. you made my evening with this one.

  13. When you decide that something is not to your liking, you always find it hard to crawl along that something.
    However, if you start to like and appreciate whatever there is that appeals, you might just end up liking, filled with nothing but ambient air and rise/fall, content.

    I found the poem doing just that, the last para I thought was an inclination to the latter, the former the earlier.
    Loved it!

  14. A chilling breeze left the solitary leaf astound
    But he held on, with all his might,
    That someday he may see the dear sunlight,

    wow this is Brilliant ….

    great poem and you are very talented

  15. I think I shall never look upon the falling of leaves in the same way again after reading this! Beautiful words and I love the flow. Enjoyed very much and could see that leaf clinging on … 🙂

  16. I like. Contentment and satisfaction to have lived life to the fullest and experience the ups and downs.

    Great injections of feelings into the work 🙂

  17. Very lovely. A bit sad and touching at the end, the strong leaf finally succumbing to its fate… but then he was happy in letting go so he could become what he might be (Lao Tzu) 🙂

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