Entwined Lives



Strangers come and go,
From unknown faces
To much searched for smiles,
From unsure greetings
To teary-eyed goodbyes
On this journey called life.

She was an ordinary nobody
Seeking herself and her dreams
Hoping for something good
To meet her at the corners of life
She was carefree, she loved freedom,
But had her insecurities too.

He was a boy with common tastes,
Constantly searching for familiarity
In the strangest of things
Words rarely left his lips
But his mind never stayed still
As he soaked up life like a sponge.

She would walk a mile in one’s shoes
But never let another near her own
Her eyes held mysteries so deep
Though sad and distant was her gaze
She had big dreams on some days
Yet wanted nothing from this life on others.

He couldn’t care less for pleasures
That the world had to offer
He wanted something more
Something substantial and permanent
But he tried hard to convince himself otherwise
As he walked down this worn out road.

She would feel so lonely and lost sometimes
Thinking how vast the universe was
There were not many people
Who could spark her imagination
But the ones who could
Were the ones that did not stay.

He was constantly searching
For someone to share his thoughts with
Someone who’s mind would resonate with his
Who could make him feel alive
But all he had found so far
Were not worth more than a few moments.

Their paths crossed on one fine day,
Two unknown strangers walking on the street,
And they smiled like they knew
What resided in the other’s soul,
They went home with a song
And courage in their hearts.

Yes, strangers come and go,
From unknown faces
To much searched for smiles,
From unsure greetings
To teary-eyed goodbyes
On this journey called life.


10 thoughts on “Entwined Lives”

  1. oh I do hope their story continues, walking together down the path of life, … Entwined for life..!! Enjoyed reading this dp…and completely loved it…xPenx

  2. Oh… brilliant!! I think I can relate to this, Sonam.. we all can..
    It’s AMAZING how people come by each other, at the oddest of times, in the oddest of situations… and yet, sometimes, even without knowing them, we know them so well.. like no other!
    You have captured such a complex feeling so beautifully, my dear… another one of my favorites by you! You have have lovely way of studying human nature and translating it into the beautiful poetry…
    Keep writing, girl… and I’ll keep getting mesmerized..

    1. Okaaayyyy… call it entwined or anything you wish to, but I’ve got a little something for you, my sweet friendd DP.. πŸ™‚ (don’t ya worry, it’s a Versatile Blogger Award :))
      Here it is!!

      Lotsa love!!

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