Solitary Confinement

I received the Perfect Poet Award for Week 39.  I would like to accept it, and I nominate Lynna for the next Award.

Perfect Poet Award Week 39

I also received The Celebrate Poet of Spring Award. Thank you to everyone who voted for me.

Celebrate Poet of Spring Award

Here is my acceptance poem.

Broken and Stitched Up


Standing In a room
Full of laughing people,
Friends I’ve come to know
And cherish with all my heart.

What more can one ask for?
Than these friendly smiles
The jokes and fun
And their caring shoulder to lean on?

Still sometimes I discover,
That no matter what,
No matter where, or with whom,
I am all alone in the dark.

Essentially and elementally isolated,
Broken and stitched up
Over and over again
I am but a child of solitude.


7 thoughts on “Solitary Confinement”

  1. First of all, heartiest congratulations on the awards, Sonam… MOST well deserved!!

    Now, onto the poem… What you’ve said is sooo true!! Despite the awesome friends we have and the unmatched loyalty and support, there are times when we feel so lost and alone… like as if this is how we were just MEANT to be… I wonder why we feel so…

    Beautifully written, dear… I think I can absolutely relate to this one… (sigh)

  2. Congratulations, dp, very well deserved… and broken up and stitched up is how I feel at the moment… 😦 … and I just love that picture…Says it all at one glance, xPenx

  3. Well done for the award S.

    The acceptance poem was perfect, I thought at first this is a happy poem from you, reading about the laughter of friends, but then the end surprised me, end absolutely you, brilliant!

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