The Dark Road

Why So Serious?


“When I am walking a dark road, I am a man who walks alone.”
-Iron Maiden (Fear of the Dark)


When fear lies in the heart of men,
They become bestial in nature,
Cowering in the dark, biding their time
Waiting for the slightest provocation,
To attack before they are found.

The road ahead is shrouded by a black veil,
And only one may pass safely through,
Once chosen, there is no turning back,
From these doors that lead to doom.
On this darkening road I must walk alone.

You find yourself caught in the spider’s web,
Fear is no altruist in choosing its victims.



12 thoughts on “The Dark Road”

  1. A Dark Poetic description, dp, It gripped me well and truly…
    “There is nothing to fear more than fear itself…”
    (I heard that somewhere, probably misquoted …so I’m off to google!!) … xPenx

  2. Maaaan..this was crazy good!
    Maiden’s opening line, your closing line and all the power-packed verses in between, made for a perfect poem, girl!
    Fear gives rise to a whole gamut of other miseries as well… and it definitely is a one-way ticket to doom!!

    Well said, DP! Once again, kudos on this fine piece!!

  3. This is excellent! You know…there’s a bit of the patho’s of Batman in there…it’s very evocative. I came across a photo somewhere that you might like…lemme take a look.

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