Perfect Poet Award Week 37

I accept the Perfect Poet Award for week 37. Thank you Jingle for the award. I would like to nominate Jingle to receive the next award!

My acceptance poem is below. I wrote this many years ago (about six years ago), just thought I should put it up sometime. Good to compare my older stuff with now. We’re always evolving, aren’t we?


Emotionless, I slip into the black
What I once felt can never come back
The rain that once poured forth
Has turned to the ocean soaked in blood
Laughing at my open wounds
I feel myself fall into the infinite mud

Emotionless, I walk oblivious of all
I’ve come so far, I feel not the fall
The winds are getting stronger
As the ashes and snow cover the ground
Smiling on forever
One can hear failure’s abhorred sound

Emotionless, I take a run into the night
No matter what I do, I’ll never win this fight
The waves have become so violent
The celestial lightning shows us his wrath
I lay here scarred so very deep
As the darkness seeps into my long forgotten path

Emotionless, I ride apathetic of the storm
I find myself fading of solid form
The sun happens to be melting the snow
Forming rivers of lost souls, rivers of death
I have been left forsaken
Left to die with a thousand sinful heathens

Emotionless, I dash into an open field
Claustrophobia my defense, my only remaining shield
The leaves form a swirling tower
Threatening to engulf me in their fiery flames
Yet I stand there calmly frowning
Tired of playing these useless subliminal games

Emotionless no more, the emotions are returning
For all that I’ve lost, I find myself yearning
Silent is the atmosphere, violet is the sky
Tomorrow is lost forever
The tears roll down my cheeks as I wait here to die
Just die and fade, never to be found, never

For emotionless I am, emotionless forever…


Okay I know that one is dark and depressing. I used to consider it a masterpiece back then, but I guess I don’t like it as much anymore.

13 thoughts on “Emotionless”

  1. I’ve felt that way myself…emotionless after having ‘felt’ too much, switched off and wondering what the heck this life is all about. IN fact I welcomed the darkness for a while and gloried in it, sank down and wallowed… Dramatically crying out ‘I want to die’ … I didn’t of course…otherwise …who’s typing this then? 😉 …
    Congratulations dp, on your worthy win…and yes, I suppose we’re always evolving…and learning about ourselves… xPenx

  2. Its strange how we call our depressed state of mind as emotionless… When actually it is full of emotions and our struggle to supress them…
    loved your poem…

  3. That was really dark and sad S. Good to hear it’s an old one! Sorry couldn’t get here earlier, busy, busy … Well deserved award! Happy weekend!

  4. Realistically if this poem didn’t have a depressing edge, it could hardly be authentic to the theme of emotionless.
    From my side, i enjoy poetry that takes me out of my comfort zone and your poems always do that.

  5. Holy Moly!! So very intense and power-packed!
    I really liked “open field” stanza THE MOST !! The contrasting images that you have put there… that is sheer brilliance, girl!!
    The “emotionlessness” of the character in your poem sure makes for one emotion-filled poem!! A superb write… and that stanza… oooohh..dark!! Stinging! But totally WOW!

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