Friendship: The Candle in the Darkness


You walked into my life so quietly
I did not hear the door opening,
Or the sound of footsteps echoing
Through these empty halls,
So silent, even the sound of
A pin dropping could be heard
Before it touched the ground.

Yet here you are, always smiling,
Waiting patiently as I let out
All this darkness I feel inside,
And even then, you don’t give up
On listening to what I have to say
Nor do you listen and walk away
I find myself wondering why
You take so much pain to care.

Or maybe I’ve just hardly met,
People who puts up with others
That show such little gratitude
In what they have received in life
And I’m always so stuck in the past
The present leaves me behind
I get more lost, and dizzy everyday
Yet somehow you help me find my way
To a patch of dry and solid ground.

Where would I be without you,
Always there to catch me as I fall
What would I do without you
When I’ve got so much to share
I don’t even know why
I let you read me like an open book
But no one knows me better
Than if you’d written every page.

You’ve done so much to mend me
From the inside, you keep me sane
More than I would care to be anyways
In every possible way, you make me smile
And know just what to say.
Even when I don’t want the dead
Feelings inside of me to go away,
You lock them up and swallow the key.

So my dear and much cherished friend,
I just want to say, that no matter
How far the distances tear us apart,
I’ll always be around to lend an ear
Or a shoulder if you ever need,
I’ll try my best to pick you up when you fall,
And lock up the sadness behind jokes,
I’ll do my best to be there for you
Through the brightest sun and dullest rain,
All for you my dearest friend.


I dedicate the above to a few of my closest and best friends. I think you all know who you are. Thank you for being there for me, through everything!


51 thoughts on “Friends”

  1. That was a great one for your friends … everyone should be happy to have you as one! Really liked the supportive feel!

  2. a shoulder shared between friends, soul mates who, when with you, make you feel complete and lacking nothing. Lovely insightful poetry…I enjoyed the whole concept of friendship shared no matter what. xPenx…

  3. Nice one.. I like it, hence I consider myself to be one of ur best friends, for u have written this for them ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜‰ . Good work!

  4. I am not sure how, but I stumbled upon your site (guided I think) and read your most wonderful words ‘Friends’. I felt like you had walked quietly into my life as I began to read your words. I checked out when you first started your blog and I notice you said something about wanting to write a great poem one day….. I think you have cracked it with this one. The words felt like a balm to my soul. Thank you.

  5. On one of my more cynical mornings, this was a great way to turn thoughts around and give voice to friendship. (Not to mention being an excellent poem in its own right!) there was much to impress both in terms of thematic development as well as the pleasureable flow of the words through the poem. Very happy to read something so intrinsic as a greeting to the day. Wonderful job.


  6. A man can often be defined by the people at his side – and to have a good friend regardless, well, it can really make life. Complete it. Fill it to the brim with purpose and hope and all those warm fuzzies. Quite a cheerful piece for you! And it is quite warming indeed in its words – a peaceful, yet insightful bit of poetry; your friends are lucky to have such that would write of them.

  7. this one really made me cry!! If I were to write a poem FOR my best friend, for my hubby, I think it would be something like this … or have i already?

    Aahh… really, this was straight from the heart, and can get TO the heart too!!
    Lucky you, to have such a friend(s), and lucky they to have you!!


  8. o man!!! Deadpoet is coming alive!!! She is leaving the darkness behind, o man!!! What am I to do now!!!! he he he he, now that my silly side has expressed her amazement at this piece lol, I dig ๐Ÿ™‚

    Welcome to the the other side??? lol I am not there yet so I guess I shan’t say that at all lol, however my friends begged me to write a positive piece about love and here I am reading this from my one of my beloved darkest souls, creepy I tell you…yes I am wordy like CRB lol, why I like the man I guess lol.

    toodles! Happy rally! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Astoundingly beautiful words. One of the reasons I am who I am is due to a lack of the friend described, the one person who could have been it was the person I felt I needed to be that friend to, so I hid me to help them, I was wrong, they didn’t need me, or they didn’t want me, yet I never found that me again. i.e. treasure those friends with all your heart, you’ll miss them dearly when they go.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  10. Loved it. It made such a great image in my mind, and friendship is the key to life. My favorite part was “So silent, even the sound of
    A pin dropping could be heard
    Before it touched the ground.”
    I loved that because you took something cliche that is super simple, and simplified it even more.

  11. Anyone would wish to be a friend that entered as quietly, listened, and helped keep you on an even keel. And when the tables turned, know that you were equally up to the task. Beautiful poem honoring friendship.

  12. Fantastic, I feel this way about my friends sometimes. I’ll have to show them this piece and then give them a hug. Thanks for expressing what I couldn’t and thanks for sharing with us all!

  13. This is what a Kindred Spirit does.
    “…Yet here you are, always smiling,
    Waiting patiently as I let out
    All this darkness I feel inside,
    And even then, you donโ€™t give up
    On listening to what I have to say
    Nor do you listen and walk away
    I find myself wondering why
    You take so much pain to care…” More than a notion to be this person.

    Great write, thanks.

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