The words were always full of emptiness,
And all the promises were broken
Even before they had been made,
Still I took it upon myself to trust.

I only search for truth in the darkness,
And though it matters no more,
After this glimmer of hope was extinguished
I am just longing for a little peace of mind.

I know that  chasing will lead to nothing,
Like all the effort put into keeping things moving
Resulted in nothing but loss and pain,
And maybe a few lessons and a stronger will.

Sometimes I wonder whether the girl
Staring back from the other side of the mirror
Is but a reflection of the girl who could have been
Rather than the girl that I’ve become.

I then ask myself whether that girl can be proud,
Or would she hang her head in shame,
I once had big dreams, but have I killed them?
What would that girl I once was think of me now?

The world could have laid in the palm of my hands,
But somewhere along the way I got lost,
And as hard as I try to find my way back,
I find myself only getting sucked deeper into the spiral.

Then again, this is not a new story.



22 thoughts on “Spiral”

  1. the mirror shows the bare facts, the mind works the magic on past regrets…WE all have times of reflection, past pain and missed opportunities which prick like small daggers… have we walked the wrong path? did we take a wrong turn? We who ask are not sure of the answer. Very thought provoking, and spiraling into my mind…xPenx

  2. What’s new is your recognition. Consequences change with a single thought or a slight change in the wind that will lift you above these current feelings. Mirrors are deceptive; right is left and left is right.

  3. Aah…these reflections and musings… they can be so inspiring..but they can also drive one nuts… can’t they?!

    Loved the way you have handled these question marks in each stanza, DP… hypotheses applied.. if and buts weighed… and yet, here we are, not knowing the whats/hows and whys of things! strange..isn’t it?

    Nicely written, my dear… very felt indeed!

  4. It’s posts like this that spur me to write better. You did an amazing job on this one.

    And you’re right, this isn’t a new story by any means. But putting it into words like you did puts it in a different perspective. 🙂

  5. dear DP,

    this is true. i had the same feeling too, when i have written my poem “on the last chapter”. most of the time i am thinking of many “what ifs”, but i learn to appreciate the reality on that mirror, that maybe i had the best life that i could have right here, right now.

    we never can tell what lies beyond tomorrow. we can only hope. thanks for this thought provoking write. it got me thinking about it.

    all the best.

  6. beautiful writing here…
    compelling, and oh so easy to relate to.

    Wondering what en earlier version of ourself might think of us now… what a concept! ?

    I felt a little saddened by that… and then realized that she (my younger self) probably wouldn’t like (or listen to) some of the things my (old) self would have to say to her either… 😉

    my brain officially now hurts. thank you very much and good night. 😉

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