Might I Ask


Might I ask…
Why it is so hard to throw away
Meaningless nothings
As they pile up higher and higher
Until they touch the sky
And block out the sun
From shining down on us
Even though the sun
Wants to brighten up our day

Might I ask…
Why we keep our feelings
Hidden under stones
Proclaiming their purity
In being unexpressed
Even though only streams
Can polish stones
Till they start to shine
While stones untouched
Remain jagged and sharp

Might I ask…
Why we fail to see
Beauty in the small things
Like the song of a bird
Or the beat of butterfly wings
The touch of willow branches
Over an almost still lake
Or the dusty rainbow
Hiding behind glass

Might I ask…
Why our ideas run dry
Our minds become mute
The imagination loses its voice
When the ripples of knowledge
Are forever moving outward
Towards goals undiscovered
And all we must do is follow
Our heart’s desire

Might I ask…
Why we over-complicate
The little things in life
The trivialities
Undeserving of even a thought
For no matter the situation
There is always a solution
If we are determined
Enough to find one

Might I ask…
Why we flinch from
The slightest feeling
Of discomfort and pain
While at other times
We develop sadistic tendencies
Towards ourselves
Either we expect
Life to be too easy
Or we hurt ourselves
Until we become numb

Might I ask…



26 thoughts on “Might I Ask”

  1. Why it is so hard to throw away
    Meaningless nothings
    As they pile up higher and higher
    Until they touch the sky …

    That’s the nature of people, it would be boring without this I guess. We ourselves complicate life and it’s up to us to see the simplicity of it and enjoy it.

    Lovely! Again! I love the picture on top!

  2. ‘Why’ I ask it all the time…and the answer lies within ourselves.. We are all connected and a part of this World of ours, the way we grow and learn to respond to each new wonderful experience is shown in our ability to ask questions …. Whether the answer is forthcoming and whether we would like the answer is another subject entirely.
    Your words speak to me of the complexities of our natures, each one of us has a different outlook, isn’t that amazing? in the fact that you could look at hoarding as a problem and I could look at it as a memory kept and treasured. (not that I hoard, I’m a throw away type, which caused problems with my ex, who’s a hoarder on a grand scale. 😉 )
    I’ve talked too much, I must be off and find answers to questions that came to mind today.

  3. lots of questions – few answers we have for ourself – the last stanza brings it all home unable to understand we take it out on self …bkm

  4. You always write the most beautiful, thought provoking poetry my dearest friend and for me this one is one of your best. “Why we fail to see beauty in the small things, like the song of a bird or the beat of butterfly wings”? You spoke to my heart DP…so lovely to be here again. All the best for 2011 my friend oxoxoxox

  5. Might I ask…why we are human? For that is the underlying course of the work – the condition that gave birth to the questions of these lines. As others before me have said: thought-provoking piece my friend. It sometimes hurts to ask these questions about ourselves, but if we really dwelt on them, really thought on them and worked to change the reality, we would all be better for it in the long run…May you find the answers in your lifetime, and some solutions. And may others follow suit.

  6. Girl… I am scared of you now!! It’s amazing how we both came up with Question-filled poems at around the same time!!!!!

    That said, your verses and questions are amazing! I sooo share your sentiments, DP…
    LOVED the first stanza! Deep and so thought provoking… It really set the pace for the rest of the poem… too good!!
    Kudos, girl!!

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