Dew drops glistened
In the morning light,
Refracted rays,
Reflections returned.
But as the sun rose high,
The drops did disappear,
Leaving behind nothing,
But glittering green grass.

Maybe they expect more,
Than I have the power to give,
And every time they ask,
I watch a piece of my heart break,
The ache it leaves behind,
Never goes away.

Yet how do I explain what I feel?
This turmoil inside of me?
Is not this life my own to live?
What they see as a path of darkness,
I see as a road full of lights,
Why is it that every avenue,
I must take, should have been tread,
By a million more before me?

The dew drops of yesterday,
Have dried, but left behind stains,
Like scars hardened over time,
Scars that mend, but never dissolve.
I know not if the dew of tomorrow
Can fill the emptiness left behind,
But until such diamonds form again,
This grass shall lie untouched,
And alone.



13 thoughts on “Dew”

  1. Happy new year to everyone, I’m sorry if I am late getting back to anyone/everyone. Not to bring anyone down but mine didn’t start off very well. I had one friend who’s wife lost her battle to cancer on the 30th and another who’s mother was hospitalized with b7-pass surgery pending. I’m kind of waiting for the axe to fall on my CT. At least that would make me certifiably crazy, and class start back up next week so it doesn’t seem like I’ve had much time to breath and too much time to think. Thank you for continuing to follow my work even though I seem to be constantly indisposed. However, with a Poetry course this spring, hopefully I can begin posting something more regularly, that or it means I failed the course.


  2. Although I enjoyed this I find it a rather sad and lonely expression of life, maybe I see this as I feel a bit lonely myself right now.

    Good work though, seems I will be a regular visitor as I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read here immensely

  3. I’m most struck by “…But until such diamonds form again,This grass shall lie untouched,And alone.”

    This universal experience of aloneness molds all of us at some time, in some way. It is perhaps necessary to our refinement.

  4. Whooaaa!! Dark, but very rich imagery here, DP!!
    The last stanza just killed me! Awesome! The idea of scars being mended but never dissolved REALLY felt very close to heart… LOVED that line like crazy!!!!

  5. Oh, the words … beautiful and I must say darkness and sadness really suits you, the last line is amazing! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. dear DP,

    this reminds me of my poem entitled “watermark” and i can emphatize with you about the stain after the dew has dried up on the grass leaves. excellent analogy and imagery here.

    all the best.

  7. your poetry has softened haha! i can sense the stillness and magic of zen! thank you for sharing this.. congrats to you on your perfect poet award week 37… πŸ™‚

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