Dear Dad


Headstrong was one of many words,
That came to mind,
As I sat thinking of you.

I still remember how,
You held my hand,
As I was a little girl of only four.

You were always there,
To pick me up when I fell,
And you always bandaged the wounds.

You gave the greatest gift to me,
My love for books and thirst for knowledge,
I still remember those evenings reading with you.

You always hid your pain and suffering,
That we may only have reasons to smile,
And you could smile through us.

I still remember the swings,
The scent of eucalyptus in the air,
The ducks in the pond.

I know often I was difficult,
Always put up a fight,
When all you wanted was the best for me.

Yet now I look back and feel thankful,
That you were there to show the way,
When all I saw was darkness.

I always look up to you,
Though as the years went by,
I couldn’t show it any more.

I know often you must think,
That I am selfish, and don’t care,
But only I know how much pain I feel.

You have always been my hero, Dad,
And I will always look up to you with respect,
Even though I find it so hard to say so.

Thank you for being there for me.