The Song


I set the song free,
From the chains,
To which it was bound,
Once, holding fast,
To the walls of,
This prison.

I watched the song,
Float away on a cloud,
As the sun shone through,
With its lovely rays
Bringing warmth,
In the midst of cold.

I felt the song,
Rushing through
My every vein,
Flowing through,
Undiscovered lands,
And into my heart.

I sang the song,
Of my heart,
With written thoughts,
Making eye contact,
Saying nothing,
But feeling all.

I gently blew the song,
Into your palms,
Watching, waiting,
For the slightest hint,
Of understanding,
And acknowledgement.

A song came back,
On purple wings,
A song sent here by you.
I decided to wait,
Before opening it,
But, I still haven’t heard the tune.



45 thoughts on “The Song”

  1. Maybe you should hear the song after all …the purple wings sound good enough sign to me :). How lovely your words are .. again!

  2. beautiful song praises…
    powerful writing…
    it is always cool to have music around.
    Thanks for sharing…
    Happy Rally.

  3. My gosh!! Lovely imagery, dp… I mean this was just absolutely beautiful!! So enjoyed the flow of this song… it just drifted and drifted like a petal…
    but then came the twist towards the end! And that too was so very well done!! Simply WOW!
    I hope the tune returns to the song, and I hope you hear it soon enough…
    Love and Hugs..
    P.S: You are soooo good at selective highlighting/coloring!! (sigh)….

  4. The imagery here is fantastic; using ‘the song’ as a symbol for so much of life left quite an imprint on your rally entry. Reads well, you are quite the gifted poet. Always good to stop by your site,


  5. Good use of color, and the relation to song and music…very apt. It is a potent symbol, and both contributed to a lovely flow all around. Would that we all hear such a song returned to use one day…

  6. how are you?

    let me know after you are done:

    #1: return favor to poets who are here,
    #2: commented for 18 poets NEW to you,

    Happy Saturday!
    Thanks form the contribution!

  7. Brag away, its a really cool shot.
    Wow… this poem really made me wander at the tune that was sung.
    Perhaps it will be a melancholy tune.
    I would certainly try to craft some lyrics from it. lol

  8. keep up the excellence, best wishes for 2011..

    Season’s Greetings!
    You are nominated, you win one vote, if you nominate other poets, you win another vote 4 yourself, in addition, voting helps you exposed to other poets and make new friends in our community. Hope to see you vote..
    Merry Christmas,
    Hope to See you at potluck week 16 tomorrow…
    We will have a break after week 16, and come back on week 18…
    Your support means a world to us..

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