As a child, I was always told,
Never to use the word “hate”,
For feelings of real hatred
Are always more vehement,
Than words we say in anger,
These words that sting like poison.

They forgot to tell me,
That the word “love”
Is much stronger when used,
And harsher when said in vain,
Especially if you are at
The receiving end, waiting.


15 thoughts on “Words”

  1. Ohh wow, girl!! So rightly said!!
    Vacant inaction is so much stronger than deadly action!
    Beautiful words not meant are really worse than foul words spoken..

    Jeeezzz… i cannot say how much I like this little poem, DO… it’s beautiful… and really rings true to the bone!! It’s still reverberating in the insides of my mind… very poignant and effective!!

  2. love this one, it makes so much sense to me.

    love is strong and could not be said in vain,

    words have to be used carefully.

  3. You nailed that one. Very interesting sidelight of waiting for something. Ah well, while waiting might as well take what you can get. Very much enjoyed the poem, thanks for posting.


  4. Filled with hate, you boil in your own juice,
    filled with love, you wait to give it away,
    icy cold with anticipation, until it is returned tenderly, warm and toasty.

    I love your poem. Simply beautiful!

  5. Mm, now there’s one that packs a punch. Hate rages, anger subsides, it comes on strong and passes by – but what is worse than false love, freely given, stirring false hope, inspiring a waiting without end. You hit it right on the head, and I think this is one most people can relate to. Wonderful work!

  6. Just had to say that i really like your posts and the art work. Just out of curiosity do you do your own illustrations?

    1. @anonymous Thanks! 🙂 I generally just pick up images off the internet, though sometimes I use photographs I’ve taken myself. I’m still new to photography so can’t always find one in my own database which goes good with my poem.

      The one on this post is an image I picked up from google. Thank you for visiting 🙂

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