Food for the Soul


Transported to another world,
With the sound of music,
Ringing in my head,
Like a single voice of sanity,
Alone reaching through,
The deepest wells of dementia.

Guitar solos taking me,
Into dimensions undiscovered,
Drums beats mocking my feet,
For all I can do is tap them,
Voices so strong, as they sing,
Out from the depth of their heart.

Music can bring peace,
In the midst of violence.

The Great Gods,
Can never be forgotten,
For they bring with them:
Hope, freedom, anger, pain,
Joy, truth, wisdom,
Insanity, chaos,
Truth, lies,
And so much more,
Than we can imagine.

I bow down to the pasts gone,
The present,
And futures to come.
Thank you for the deepest,
Reaches of your soul.


Note #1: The above is a tribute to all my favorite bands (I might have missed tagging some of them). Music has a way of healing and bringing a sense of sanity in people, well at least for me.

Note #2: The image is not mine (most images on this blog aren’t mine). Though of course I wish it was mine šŸ˜‰

Note #3: I don’t think this tribute is any good, but well, I’ve been feeling greatly in awe of some bands recently, and just wanted to put it in words, though the words just didn’t come out right. šŸ˜

15 thoughts on “Food for the Soul”

  1. Music and writing are the Heathcliff to my soul. Absolutely necessary. šŸ™‚

    You just inspired me to write something for the music that I love. Then again, I’ll probably sing it all away. šŸ˜‰

    Wonderful poem!

  2. The tribute was lovely…and the words did come out right šŸ™‚
    Two things I love…music and poetry…and you have managed to bring them both beautifully here.

  3. Music is truly food for the soul…
    Amazingly well written piece, DP… when I read the first line, I was immediately reminded of a post (not a poem — surpriiiiise… :)) I had written ages ago!
    Here it is, if you feel like it..

    I think I am pretty darned sure whom you are referring to here.. šŸ™‚ If ever there was a more WOW (REALLY WOWWWW!!!) band than Floyd, I’d be damned!!

    Loved your dedication to the Gods of (my) music, girl.. Really loved it!!

  4. Music and rhythm has always been around because it’s the heartbeat of life. From inside the womb a mother’s heartbeat is heard,
    and music begins. Nature continues to teach music from rain patterns, the ocean’s roar, etc. And then some lucky people, like you, are given access to music in other ways. Enjoy your talents and share when you can.

  5. Though you may have not thought so, I thought it was an apt tribute indeed – it made me think of how I felt the first time I heard the Ramones and how turning up their record in my room saved me from the hellish chains of my aunts Village People records being played in the living room!

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