Fall and Rise of the Dark Lord (Lord Voldemort)

“In slow motion, the blast is beautiful…” -Snow Patrol (Somewhere a Clock is Ticking)



It was the icy cold of his face
Like snow flakes falling on a frozen lake
His eyes reflecting a mask of a million deaths
Hidden behind a translucent curtain of rain

The silver flow of an electric current
Sparkling in the fading dusk
The beat of a heart ringing in the distance
Those eyes so devoid of emotion, devoid of all lust

A senseless perception of subliminal verses
A senseless perception of incredible lies
His smile contains an element of violence
A violence so vindictive it becomes a wish to die

The death of a dream through shadows of time
Burn a fiery crimson the subconscious of the mind
His pale skin breathes in the darkness suspended in the air
Leaving him deeply scarred waiting in death’s lair

A constant wave of tension to add to broken trust
A flash of green light leaving behind a lightening bolt
His material body shattered into a million pieces
Leaving behind only his divided soul to weep over

Divided into seven parts so death cannot touch him
Strength renewed by unicorn’s blood yet still he has no power
Helplessly waiting for the right time to spray his venom
Yet fading into nothing with the passing of each hour

The silvery silence of silver fading eyes
The rise of The Dark Lord from the ashes of those who die
Merging of bloods never meant to mix
Fall of the innocent into an unfair trick

Gone is the savior of the fading petty world
Leaving behind a young yet eager to fight soul
In the end who will win the ever waiting war?
The wakened Dark Lord or the innocent Lightening bolt?


I wrote the above poem shortly after Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (book V) was released, which was basically many years ago. I am still very proud of the poem, and while waiting for the next Harry Potter movie to release, I think it is an apt time to put this up. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I love Harry Potter, it is good to be born at a time when we actually had to wait years for each book to release. And the amount of fan fiction we must have read, really brilliant. I sometimes think J.K. Rowling was a little inspired by the fan fiction. Anyways, Harry Potter got me addicted to fantasy, and even though I believe The Lord of the Rings is the ultimate fantasy book, I would still say Harry Potter is a close favorite.


13 thoughts on “Fall and Rise of the Dark Lord (Lord Voldemort)”

  1. its true Lord of the rings is the best fantasy book ever…
    the poem shows exactly how u felt after reading the Half blood prince… nice work 😀

  2. wow I cannot start to say how AMAZING this piece is. just the way the words are floating in that mesmerizing way. wow you’re a genius!!

    keep doing this

  3. This was lovely !! totally enjoyable 🙂 Never could imagine some one could write on HP too 🙂

    And i totally agree with you on –

    “I believe The Lord of the Rings is the ultimate fantasy book, I would still say Harry Potter is a close favorite.”

    ditto for me !!
    Infact HP made me read LOTR ..

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