Tablets to Numb the Senses


Floating above the clouds,
Lightheaded, blurred vision.

The pain was numbed out of existence,
Though a dull ache lives on,
Pounding its way to the surface,
Only to be pushed back by the pills.

Like floating underwater,
Hearing distorted, nay, completely unheard.

The stars, they beckon me softly,
I rise and silently float towards them.
I reach out to them with all my might,
But find myself falling through the air.

It always feels like flying,
Before you hit the ground.

My senses were dulled by these white tablets,
These drugs encased in antibiotics,
Blue pills to bring about a dazed state,
Medicines to confuse the mind.

What remains of this state of mind?
When all is lost to oblivion.

Commands go unheard, none listen,
The mind can see and feel in slow motion,
The signals never reach the muscles,
For they never leave the safe haven of the brain.

I have reached the zombie state,
Waiting un-dead, thoughtless.

Breathing comes easy, sleep easier,
Above all is the lightheaded feeling,
And I cannot feel my feet,
As I glide slowly towards my destination.

Yet the destination waits, forsaken,
As the mind lets out a sigh.


Note: Okay, I am not on drugs or anything, or well, technically speaking, I am (but on legal drugs). I’ve had a cough and cold for over a week now. Got fever on Sunday, but didn’t really think it was serious. Woke up Monday morning with a terrible ache in my ear. Went to the doctor, and was told I’ve got an ear infection, and a really bad one at that. Landed up staying home for two days instead of going to office because of my sickness. My ear ache would still be there had I not been on painkillers, antibiotics, and some other random medicines prescribed to me. I still feel like half my head is underwater. I guess my present state inspired me to write the above (along with the song “Comfortably Numb” -Pink Floyd).

35 thoughts on “Painkillers”

  1. Having shared your experiences (with a crushed spine I’ve accrued a lot of “tablets” of all kinds) I can say I found your poem fascinating. I’m always curious about how other people feel the medication affecting their lives. Especially with long-term usage there are so many side affects sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you are feeling sick or simply having a tough time with the pills. Hope you feel better and thanks for posting a good poem to read, if not experience i.e. the sickness, not the poetry, obviously!


  2. Thanks for the participation of Poets Rally week 3o…
    sharing and encouraging sharing poetry is a way to stay fit in healthy thinking and living…
    Glad to have you in.
    have fun!

  3. Coincidence, I am currently sick too =P. So this piece has a certain effect on me. Despite my lightheadedness, you brought forth a sort of ethereal nature from this bit. =D


  4. I’ve been comfortably numb plenty of times–and very grateful that there are pills that can take care of some of the nasty germs out there that can wreak havoc on us.

    But sometimes the cure can be worse than the illness. My wishes for your speedy and complete recovery!

  5. Hey, I really like your poem. Especially the closing line:

    Yet the destination waits, forsaken,
    As the mind lets out a sigh.

    You may not have intended to write about recreational drugs, but I feel it evokes the use of them to me. I think there is a fine line between the different categories of drugs.

  6. Yes, that is certainly how it goes. Good description–really gets you into the feeling. Hope you feel better soon, but it is certainly good to know that even in the midst of such unpleasantness, such creativity might still flow.

  7. I can totally understand your need for the disclaimer at the bottom. I would do the same. However, I think you nailed it here. Did you ever see the film Trainspotting? Well the point is a great poem, book or film can give us the reality of something without glamourizing it. You did that here. I hope you feel better soon. You write beautifully.

  8. Drifting in and out of this world, floating above the clouds, in a zombie state, the creativity still flows. Very good.

  9. Hello to everyone who has read this post!

    Apologies for the lack of visits to your blog (I will do so very soon), have internet problems at home, plus have been bogged down with work, and at other times have just been plain lazy. Of course that is no excuse to not visit blogs, but please understand I will get around to it too.

    Apologies for not giving personal replies to your comments, I will start doing so soon (maybe next poem).

    Also, wanted to say thank you to everyone for wishing me well. I am much better now, though I still feel as if a bubble is stuck in my ear (but at least there is no pain). I am much better overall. Thanks so much for your encouraging words!


  10. I would love for you to check out a new site I created for artists. Poets, Photographers, Graffiti Artists, Illustrators etc… I think you would make a great addition to our community! Lots of bloggers there 😉 Just go to my “Creative Playground” tab on my blog and click “Social Muze” and your there! 🙂 Let me know what ya think 🙂 If not thats ok too, just wanted to spread the word.

  11. HA! Been there, done that and still occasionally swallow something I probably shouldn’t.( though it is legally prescribed) However, I wonder if just smoking pot would take it all away? lol… No, I am not going to tell you either way.

    Have been reading some of your work. Love it..


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