Motion Blur

Motion Blur


I am standing very still,
As I watch this life pass me by,
Without waiting for me to catch up.

They all moved on, from this moment,
But I found myself stuck, feet planted,
Just distant thoughts of evanescent dreams,
Reaching out to pull me back to the present.

And I am stuck in time,
Unable to take a step forward,
And I cannot go back.

The naΓ―vety of love drowned in me,
The innocence to trust unconditionally.
Now I pine constantly to feel without pain,
To reach a state of being comfortably numb.

I watch the colors merge into white,
As they envelop me in a swirling wind,
And I find, time has passed me by.

The thoughts have become a blur,
I cannot fathom where one begins and another ends.
Yet I can still see myself clearly,
Standing in the midst of this bedlam.

The voices from the past echo,
Through the crevices of my mind,
But all I can hear is noise.

I was always so caught up in this inner strife,
I had forgotten what it meant to breathe.
Soon even the voices in my head passed me by,
And I found myself trapped behind these bars.

The footsteps can be heard,
Ringing through the silence,
But they can never be seen.

My footsteps were lost in the illusion of space,
No matter where I turned,
I was greeted, by only darkness.
And I could hear the distant siren of a train.

The siren of the train too was a blur,
Decoded from the depths of time,
Heard so faintly I thought it to be a lie.

I went running, trying so hard to catch up,
Out of breath, but trying harder,
That I might reach the handle of this train,
But the train of life left, it carried on without me.

There is only one thing to do now,
To start over from scratch,
And learn to walk hand-in-hand with time.


Note: The above photograph was found Here. I was greatly inspired by it to write the above piece.

Note #2: Apologies to everyone who has been commenting on my blog and not getting comments in return, or receiving them very late. I don’t have Internet connection at home right now, because of which all blogging I do, has to be done from work. It is not always the easiest place to blog from, and over the last few days though I have come to my office to use the Internet, couldn’t quite find time to visit everyone. I will get down to it as soon as possible, which should be soon as I think either today or tomorrow my Internet connection at home should be activated. Thank you to everyone reading this!

48 thoughts on “Motion Blur”

  1. The problem with walking hand-in-hand with Time is that the hands only go in cirles… LOL!

    Thanks for passing this dish for the Poetry Potluck!

    (And don’t worry about returning comments; most people only talk to hear themselves talking anyway)

    1. Well said Eric, yes, the hands do go in circles…but I think if we try hard enough, there will be a way out. πŸ™‚

      Haha, that’s a point you got there…about people talking only to hear themselves talk πŸ˜›

      Have a great day!

  2. You bet!! Time has this uncanny ability to slip by, unnoticed! Excellent portrayal of that sense of dismay and despair!
    “Comfortably Numb”? You just couldn’t resist it…could you?! Very aptly used here though!!

    Girl… you are waaaaayy up there on my list of AWESOME poets!! MWAH!!!
    Loved 4-3 style here! Added depth to the meaning…

    And internet or not, visits or not, YOU ROCK!
    Shine on, sweetie! I am an ardent admirer of your work!!

    1. Time is a strange thing…when you want it to go faster, it seems to slow down, and when you want it to stop…it goes by so fast you don’t even realize it has passed you by. Sadly sometimes it’s too late.

      Yes, I just couldn’t resist the “Comfortably Numb”…It was the only two words I could think of to fit in that line. I recently got a Pink Floyd poster I’ve been eying for almost a year…very happy to put it up in my room! πŸ˜€

      Aww thanks Kavita, you’re very high up on my list of awesome poets as well! You’re the very definition of awesome! πŸ˜€

      I never decide on how to write…somehow the poem just fit in that 4-3 style as I wrote it. I am weird. Proud to be weird though.

      Thanks! I’ll get internet working properly soon! Then I can blog comfortably πŸ˜€

  3. you don’t need to start from scratch, you are way ahead of others already πŸ™‚ Don’t underestimate yourself and your capabilities.

    1. Thanks Mansi for your encouraging words. Just that often one finds themselves lapsing into the past…or dwelling too far into the future.

      As for underestimating…that’s a lesson I am yet to learn. πŸ™‚

      Thanks a lot for reading! I really appreciate it!

  4. An outstanding piece…good to know the inspiration came from the photo prompt…it shows your accreditation as a writer. nicely done.


    P.s forget about the return comments, it dont matter…just take your time and sort things out..we’re all here…at least me.

  5. the only reason I really read your poems is bcos its really one of a lunatic… A picture of real emotions with passion and bleeding…
    nice work πŸ˜€

  6. It feels like my life story, my inner thoughts and feelings being put to words in a very profound way. Thank you. This one really hit home =]


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