Lapse of gravity


The harmony of these illusions dissolve,
Under the influence of unfathomable pain.

Oh, ’twas but the death of a dream.
Did you hear the silence overwhelm?
All that remains is this path of annihilation,
Holding back the recesses of life.

The valley of solitude darkens,
As the sun hides behind the shadow of the Moon.
Lost is the path to salvation,
The path once lit with the echo of laughter.
Forever remains this broken land,
Cracked and forsaken,
Under the reign of the Moon.
And a solitary thought crosses
The fields of this mind.

A lone splinter of wood burns,
Under the intensity of your gaze.
A silent whisper traverses
The depths of space and time,
Only to fall upon this moment,
With a splash of expression.
These words writ in stone,
Wash over the singularity of this existence,
With an absolution so far unknown.

And the world lets out a sigh,
A single slip of emotion,
A single flash of weakness,
And the chaos softly sets in.

It took only one infinitesimal mistake,
One momentary lapse of reason.



76 thoughts on “Lapse”

  1. A lone splinter of wood burns,
    Under the intensity of your gaze.
    A silent whisper traverses
    The depths of space and time,
    Only to fall upon this moment…

    love these….
    I see you relaxing, dig deep and burn with irreplaceable poetry.

  2. It took only one infinitesimal mistake,
    One momentary lapse of reason.

    It takes only these little things to ruin the world, all your good will be one side and forgotten, whereas this small mistake will raise its head and do all the damage.

    1. You’re right Mansi, often we find that only the mistakes make a difference at the end. I’ve learned the hard way that no matter how much good you do, you will only be remembered for mistakes. *sigh* sad world we live in…

  3. “The harmony of these illusions dissolve”
    …these words are my experience of live over and over again. Terribly disappointing every time but then I move closer to what is truely real. Still painful though.
    Thank you opening this to us all
    And I’m with Jessica..if you use “twas” you’re aces in my book

    1. Thanks Woih, glad you liked it. You’re right, it is hard to have to live that line over and over again, but at the end there is a lesson to be learned, and fewer mistakes to make. Reality is always painful, but sometimes we do find a little light.

      Hope all is well. Take care.

  4. I totally agree with you on this one, DP.. sometimes, all it takes is that 1 moment of ‘blankness’ to question everything that ever existed! And you have wonderfully stated that feeling here, in this poem.. I mean, AWESOME! Can absolutely relate to this..

    Girl.. are you, by any chance, a Pink Floyd fan? 🙂
    Cuz the ‘momentary lapse of reason’ totally reminded me of them! And am asking cuz I am a huge Floydian 🙂

    1. Ah, that one moment which can ruin everything… 🙂 Thanks Kavita, very glad you liked it.

      I am a huge Pink Floyd fan! I was inspired by that line “A momentary lapse of reason” to write this poem. Great stuff, Pink Floyd, some of the best. I sometimes wish I were alive back then, so I could watch them live.

      I am a complete rock/metal head… 😀

      1. heheheh… I have written a coupla poems on Floyd.. could send you links (if you wish)
        And oh yea, there is a Roger Waters show HERE IN NYC next month!! YAAAAHHHOOOOOO

          1. My bro in law said he will sponsor my tkt to the Waters show… EVEN BETTER!! heheh

            Oh… the poems I wrote on Floyd/their songs.. Here!
            In the Flesh!(the concert I attended in B’lore in ’02 – first job, own salary, different “maza”), and Marooned.
            Hope you like them…

            1. That is awesome! Enjoy!

              I’ll check out the poems, thank you so much for giving me the link! Don’t have internet at home at present, so have to come to office to check mail and check my blog. Apologies for the delay 🙂

  5. You have written a poem that reflects a dark place within my own psyche. Thanks for sharing your poetic depths…I am able to touch a bit of my own nature through you. This poem is one I want to read over and over!

    I think you are an amazing creator

    1. Thank you Olivia, I think I myself had been transported to that other dimension when I wrote this poem. Amazing feeling… 🙂

      Solitude is best when you want it, but it hurts a lot when forced upon you.

      Loads of wishes to you too. Will visit your blog soon!

    1. Happy Saturday now Jingle. Apologies, haven’t had internet at home, and had yesterday off. So sitting at office now going through this. Will take a while to visit everyone.

  6. DP

    Intense dark and poetic,loved it. You always hit the mark for setting the mood in your poems so the reader feels the words, and gets the benefit of the full impact.


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