The hands are tied, mouth gagged,
The criminal dragged to his cell.
Who will chain the thoughts running,
Through the tunnels of his mind?

Forgotten lay the bodies of the prisoners,
Innocent in the midst of their crime.
None can hold down the will of a bird,
Though the bird may be fierce and wild.

There is no jail to bind the thoughts,
For they are already bound by reason.
Free run these words we speak carelessly,
So meaningless and always so broken.

This prisoner’s only mistake was,
To speak the depths of his thoughts,
With words that cut as sharp as knives,
Icy cold, but only with the voice of truth.

These mistakes we make so kindly,
As though a lesson must be learned,
Yet learn nothing in the wake of darkness,
But the truth remains naught but the truth.

Yet, what is this truth spoken so bluntly,
When the words cannot move the world?
Nothing stands at the feet of power,
Where truth can be turned into lies.

No one cares to remember mere  mortals,
When Gods are born to rule the world.
These Gods who hold power in their fists,
Yet care not as they sacrifice innocence.

Are they crimes committed in the face of these lies?
Or is it the voice of justice striving to be heard?
No matter the cause, the prisoners are lined up,
And shot in the head, one by one, for their voice.


I guess I was inspired by George Orwell’s book, “1984” to write the above piece. I still remember the nightmares I got while reading it about the Thought Police. Brilliant book though! One of my favorites. Well, pondering it over a little more, I guess I’ve been inspired by history as well. There is so much massacre in every revolution, every uprising. It is quite a wonder.

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The Perfect Poet Award – Week 28 – and a Poem

Apologies that this has been put up so late. To be absolutely honest, when I received the award, I just didn’t have time at that point of time to put this up, and today I finally found a little time.

I would really like to thank Jingle for giving out the Perfect Poet Award for Week 28 of the Thursday’s Poets’ Rally. I am greatly honored to receive and accept this award. Thank you so much!

The Perfect Poet Award – Week 28

I would like to nominate Artswebshow for the Perfect Poet Award for next week.

As for my Haiku/poem to accept this award…


A Silent Song
By: deadpoet88

A silent song sung,
Like raindrops falling softly,
The sweet scent of rain.

A silent song sung,
In deep waters of my mind,
Thirsty for more life.

A silent song sung,
For the wild and raging sea,
Calming but my heart.

A silent song sung,
Above the ring of chaos,
Broken and unwilled.

A silent song sung,
And my heart let out a sigh,
Lonely and so lost.


Motion Blur

Motion Blur


I am standing very still,
As I watch this life pass me by,
Without waiting for me to catch up.

They all moved on, from this moment,
But I found myself stuck, feet planted,
Just distant thoughts of evanescent dreams,
Reaching out to pull me back to the present.

And I am stuck in time,
Unable to take a step forward,
And I cannot go back.

The naïvety of love drowned in me,
The innocence to trust unconditionally.
Now I pine constantly to feel without pain,
To reach a state of being comfortably numb.

I watch the colors merge into white,
As they envelop me in a swirling wind,
And I find, time has passed me by.

The thoughts have become a blur,
I cannot fathom where one begins and another ends.
Yet I can still see myself clearly,
Standing in the midst of this bedlam.

The voices from the past echo,
Through the crevices of my mind,
But all I can hear is noise.

I was always so caught up in this inner strife,
I had forgotten what it meant to breathe.
Soon even the voices in my head passed me by,
And I found myself trapped behind these bars.

The footsteps can be heard,
Ringing through the silence,
But they can never be seen.

My footsteps were lost in the illusion of space,
No matter where I turned,
I was greeted, by only darkness.
And I could hear the distant siren of a train.

The siren of the train too was a blur,
Decoded from the depths of time,
Heard so faintly I thought it to be a lie.

I went running, trying so hard to catch up,
Out of breath, but trying harder,
That I might reach the handle of this train,
But the train of life left, it carried on without me.

There is only one thing to do now,
To start over from scratch,
And learn to walk hand-in-hand with time.


Note: The above photograph was found Here. I was greatly inspired by it to write the above piece.

Note #2: Apologies to everyone who has been commenting on my blog and not getting comments in return, or receiving them very late. I don’t have Internet connection at home right now, because of which all blogging I do, has to be done from work. It is not always the easiest place to blog from, and over the last few days though I have come to my office to use the Internet, couldn’t quite find time to visit everyone. I will get down to it as soon as possible, which should be soon as I think either today or tomorrow my Internet connection at home should be activated. Thank you to everyone reading this!


Lapse of gravity


The harmony of these illusions dissolve,
Under the influence of unfathomable pain.

Oh, ’twas but the death of a dream.
Did you hear the silence overwhelm?
All that remains is this path of annihilation,
Holding back the recesses of life.

The valley of solitude darkens,
As the sun hides behind the shadow of the Moon.
Lost is the path to salvation,
The path once lit with the echo of laughter.
Forever remains this broken land,
Cracked and forsaken,
Under the reign of the Moon.
And a solitary thought crosses
The fields of this mind.

A lone splinter of wood burns,
Under the intensity of your gaze.
A silent whisper traverses
The depths of space and time,
Only to fall upon this moment,
With a splash of expression.
These words writ in stone,
Wash over the singularity of this existence,
With an absolution so far unknown.

And the world lets out a sigh,
A single slip of emotion,
A single flash of weakness,
And the chaos softly sets in.

It took only one infinitesimal mistake,
One momentary lapse of reason.




Lost in Space and Time


Are there pain killers for a broken heart?
For the ache intensifies all through the day.
Exhaustion clings fast, pulling me under the waves.
The tears soak my pillow, as my eyes close for the night.

Maybe life takes us for a rough ride,
So we can appreciate the streaks of joy,
In this otherwise disenchanting life.

I never thought, before words slipped my mouth,
And you knew more than I cared to tell.
Yet, never did I stop this stream of thoughts,
I just believed you would always understand.

I never felt the need to hide myself,
From the people who mattered to me most,
Only that I never meant enough to them.

Oceans of regret lay in front of me,
My impulsiveness always leading to roads,
Of mistakes I never had intentions to make,
But actions based on raw emotion always lead to misery.

Though I always find myself drowning in fits of emotion,
Sometimes the recklessness of the heart pays off,
In rare moments of absolution.

I could never stand to be disappointed,
Always taking to heart words spoken by another,
Trusting where I never should have dared to trust,
Only to face these demons called frustration.

The heart is naive, like an innocent child,
Sometimes it needs to feel this disillusionment,
To grow wise with regard to this unfair world.

What did I not do to keep this thread from breaking?
Yet, still did the thread sever, without a hint,
Of even the faintest weakness,
And I found myself falling to the ground.

The ground was hard, and unfriendly,
Yet had I not been hurt so badly,
How could my real friends have picked me up?

Always did I try to understand, another’s circumstances,
Though I was rarely understood,
And the voices in my head still haunt me,
Why should I not judge, when others always do.

Yet, how could I have chosen to be critical of their actions,
For what right do we have to judge,
When we ourselves are flawed?

In this world where honesty and ethics have no place,
Still did I try my best to do the right.
Often I found myself being left behind,
Even by those for whom I took a strong stand.

Had I faltered in my choices between right and wrong,
The guilt would have followed me around for life,
Like the pain seeping through the walls of this prison.

It is only with sadness, with the taste of salty tears,
That we learn to appreciate the ring of laughter.
It is only with mistakes and failures,
That we learn to pick ourselves up when we fall.

So I walk this road ahead of me,
As a smile touches the corners of my lips,
And I walk into the embracing arms of life.


Note: No internet connection at home, so it will be hard for me to reply to posts and visit fellow bloggers. I would just like to Apologize in advance. Have a great weekend!