Start Something

Nuclear War


You told me to start something
So I said, “Let’s start a war!”
A war that will go on forever

All you need are heartless men
Weapons of mass destruction
And souls to sell to the devil

War doesn’t need a cause or reason
All it requires is the power of hate
Hate being the most primitive emotion

So there you go, you have the power
As all your soldiers stand in line
Give your command and watch them die

You told me to start something
So I said, “Let’s start a war!”
A war that will go on forever

Rivers of blood endlessly flowing
Bringing the Devils’ Hell back on earth
As flames go on burning everything living

The agonizing cries of injured children
Haunting moans of long dead soldiers
Forming the music of exploding bombs

Machine guns feeding everyone bullets
As nuclear bombs kill our tomorrow
Tanks crushing the lifeless gone beyond

You told me to start something
So I said, “Let’s start a war!”
A war that will go on forever

So much killing, blood spilling
Mass destruction of the earth forever more
Forever in debt to Man’s merciless fury

Fallen are the towering skyscrapers
Failed are the dead men reeking of blood
All to be seen never again, nevermore

Barren, desolated, lifeless arms of Mother Earth
Hugging the dead, drinking the flesh
Soothing her burns with man’s fiery detest

You told me to end something
So I said, “Let’s end your war!”
Your war, which was to go on forever

But it’s too late as the sun sets on death…


Howdy, it’s been a while. Well, just putting this up because I’ve been thinking of sharing it for a long time. I wrote this years ago, well about five years ago to be more exact.

I’ll be back soon enough.

23 thoughts on “Start Something”

  1. Glad to see you’re back! What a powerful piece. I do believe part of war is hate, but what about the part to stop violence and bring peace? Someone starts fighting, someone has to end it. What do you think?

    I just posted the latest chapter in my novel. There’s only a few short chapters so far and one long action-packed one :3 I hope you’ll drop by and leave me feedback. Please let me know what you think. Thanks so much!

    1. I agree with you completely Christine, there must be someone (or a set of people) who are advocates of peace. There are in fact many people who are trying to have their voices heard, but more often than not, their voices are drowned out. I think more of us should get into trying to bring peace, if enough voices are raised, then the matter at hand cannot be ignored.

      I’ll definitely check out the chapters to your novel. Haven’t had internet connection at home over the last week, as just shifted my house. So have to do everything at office, and it’s not always easy. I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

  2. Oh boy!! This was a grim picture…but a very true one too! War is nothing but hatred in action! How saod, isn’t it? It results into nothing but misery..and yet, it goes on.. has been going on for centuries!!!

    An excellent poem, DP.. I sincerely wish that people that made war, read it and understood it!! (sigh)..

    And that image of a mushroom cloud is just too perfect!! It just expands and expands.. just like hatred… 😦

    Good to see you back, DP (I know you will be “fully” back very soon! :))!


  3. dear deadpoet,

    thanks for sharing this insightful poem about war. it is vividly haunting and sad. i guess, the idea that culminates nations into war is a deep-seated misunderstanding about belief and religion. it is the insistence that one race is superior than the other. no matter how absurd it was to start a war, i think, some philosopher’s regard war as a way for peace. it is when a brute force is constraining the other of freedom, that war tends to be legitimate, as in the case of iraq and afghanistan wars.

    but the common mistake that powers that be have calculatedly committed throughout the years, is the outright evacuation of people who has nothing to do with war itself. al they can do is to allow people to move out fast, then, they among themselves without civilians involved should start warring with each other. the casualties will only be contained within themselves. i think, the strategists always think of civilians as pawns, as collateral to the higher stakes of winning a war. that is what i am considering as a default to the system of war, which should have a rule change.

    oh, here i am again, i am so carried away with this topic. i am so smitten by the flames you have incited within me. great, great poem!

    1. Thank you for your insight Marvin, and I must say I agree with you completely.

      War may be a necessary evil, when no better method is available to cleanse greater evils, but the murder of the innocent (yes, I shall call it murder) is what is the most painful to watch. Families affected by war, never forget, and they must live their lives heavy with sadness, pain, anger. It is so sad to see images of mere children and women being raped and killed. What was their fault?

      I do believe, if war is really that necessary, the innocent should be evacuated like you said. Everyone deserves to live, why make their lives pawns in this game?

      Thank you so much Marvin, for your appreciation and insight.

  4. Eventhough I dislike war… I find a beauty in it… A beauty which brings the helpless together to create a new world… and the peace that comes after the war… A longing for a peaceful world… for a hope to shine high…

    1. I understand what you’re trying to say, that to appreciate peace one must go through war. Still I feel war is just not worth the lives lost. Thank you for reading and for your insight!

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