False Promises

I recently watched a movie, Where the Wild Things Are, and I felt it was one of the most wonderful movies I’ve watched lately. Though it made me very sad, because somewhere I could relate to Max, except the ending, where he at least finds a reason to smile. Well, the following has been influenced a bit by the movie, though not completely.

Where the Wild Things Are


Today I feel unwanted, my eccentricity,
Pulling me down under the waves of life.
I am sorry, I couldn’t be better.

The waves of the ocean, so beautiful,
Glittering like diamonds lost,
Taking the weak, leaving the strong.

I tried to be the ruler of the world,
To take away all the sorrow and pain,
But I could awaken only false hopes and dreams.

The sands, coming from eroding stone,
Swirling in the yellow desert,
Until no sands are left at all.

I thought I could bring happiness into your life,
By building up a world for me and you,
A world you thought you could only dream of.

The mountains and rivers,
And boat rides down the hill,
It’s a beautiful world you wished to builid.

I tried hard, with you by my side,
To build up from scratch, this paradise,
Which was supposed to bury all the sadness and pain.

The owls go circling up overhead,
Giving advice when asked in seven words,
But I could not understand how to spread smiles.

And I am sorry, dear friend, for letting you down,
Disappointment  hangs heavy above you,
I am sorry I couldn’t be the one to bring you happiness.

I must say goodbye, leave you to pick up,
The pieces of your life I left disarray,
But please know, I shall always love you and miss you.

I go sailing to a land far away,
But I have no home to run back to,
Forgive me dear friend, for leaving you a mess.


22 thoughts on “False Promises”

  1. “But please know, I shall always love you and miss you.” Why do you still want to love and miss the one who gave you nothing but pain and tears? Not worth it.

  2. AWww… Sometimes, no matter how hard we try we just cannot bring happiness to another. And that’s when you realize that the key lies in self. If you see that key, you can allow yourself/anyone else/anything else to make you happy.

    In such a lovely way, you’ve portrayed that feeling of helplessness here.. saying you tried hard, but just couldn’t succeed.. That’s some message, DP!

    1. Thank you Kavita, really appreciate it. Yes, often we try really hard to please the people who matter to us most, but fail to do so. It’s hard to let them go though.

    1. Yes, very sad way of parting. Sometimes it is necessary though, when one does more harm than good in another’s life, and sometimes for subtler reasons than that. I am glad you liked it Trisha 🙂

  3. Dangerously beautiful poem… The emotions so raw and flowing so vigorously…. But, I feel, if you love someone you must never hurt that person, even if that means supressing all your feelings and withholding the pain…

    1. Yes, that’s very truly said Abhishek, and sometimes the best way to show that you love them is to just walk away and leave them to continue with their life. It’s not always necessary that they will love you in return, or even understand you in return, but if you love someone, you need to do what is in their best interest, even if it’s difficult.

  4. In reality,
    this happens very often, even my longest and best friend breaks his promises often,

    thanks for highlighting it,
    very thoughtful and detailed capture…

    your words run like water,
    smooth but powerful.

    keep up your skills…

    Happy Wednesday!

    Poets Rally week 27 is next week.

    1. Thank you Jingle. Yes, I have had friends who would often break promises. It is a sad feeling, this disappointment. Thank you for reading and thank you for your praise, you are too kind.

      Thank you for informing about the next Rally, will look forward to it!

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