The world lies awake at the break of dawn,
As the shot is heard in the distance.
It smells of rotting hearts,
This sad stench of endless fear.

Burning away, under the waves of gasoline,
Like the cremation of a life that once was.
The flames go on dancing one by one,
Competing to be the most graceful.

The tides rise and fall, like a storm subsided,
Waiting for the bullets to rain again.
The engines can be heard in the distance,
Undecided whether foe or friend.

And fear grips, spreading through the silence,
Contagious is the madness all around.
A disease kills humanely,
But these bombs only kill with uncertainty.

Was it a bullet that killed you dear friend,
Or was it the blast from the bomb?
Was it my heart that longed too much,
Or the background music of war?


They say give up your life for the country,
Until there is no country to bank upon.
Where is the nation which protects its citizens,
Why does this nation take the lives of their own men?

The plunder of war, free to loot all,
From the broken dishes carried by beggars,
To the virtue of innocent women,
Then turn around and say justice has been done.

Where is the justice, if good men must kill?
If good men turn insane, and loot,
The innocence of the people they are meant to protect.
If good men must turn their back on their deeds just to survive.

This is war, dear friends, genocide, murder,
With a legal document proclaiming the killers innocent,
For the real killers are the ones who never step on the battlefield,
And are never punished for the bloodshed they give birth to.


The above was written for Thursday Poets Rally 26 hosted by Jingle

50 thoughts on “Plunder”

  1. only understanding and putting away difference then should people be able to find peace, but in this world, people tend to think they are right in the way they do and not considering the fact that they might hurt someone in return, that’s why war is sad yet people still wanna have it for no particular good reason. Thank for sharing^^ Happy Rally

    1. Yes you are right, people think differences are things to fight over, rather than relishing the fact that differences will always be there and more often than not differences are good and necessary. People are so stuck in their narrow point of view, that they don’t realize they’re causing harm to others.

      Happy Rally to you too! Thanks for reading.

  2. very clear picture of a war and the fear it brings…
    thanks for the highlight of such important topic…

    I am thrilled to have your for week 26…
    Happy Thursday!
    have fun visiting!

  3. so true…especially, the last 2 lines…the real killers are the politicians who never step on to battlefields. reminds me of ‘dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori.’…good stuff, adding you to my blog roll 🙂

    1. Yes, sadly the people who are the masterminds behind war are the ones who sit comfortably in their offices, while innocent people from the country are sent to fight. Civilians are the ones who suffer the most.

      Thanks for reading, I am glad you liked it.

  4. I had chills reading this and it is so sad but true…if everyone can just stop and think what is going on all around…Thanks for making us aware and writing about such an important topic…you have mastered this to perfection and I bow to your wonderful creativity!! Much love my dear friend xx (Happy Rally to you too) xx

    1. We all need an awakening, we all need to realize that things like war and corruption won’t get us anything in the long run. I am glad you liked it Amanda, I feel very strongly for such things. Much love to you too, and happy Rallying!

  5. Your imagery is so powerful. “This sad stench of endless fear” held so much life within itself. War is never easy especially those who are affected by it first hand. America is fortunate that Pearl Harbor and the Collapse of the Twin Towers are our most recent memories of war. Writing with someone who is serving overseas War to me is very real but not as real as the solider with the gun in his hand. You’ve done a great job at expressing the horrors of war without being gruesome. You have great talent.

    1. Thank you. We live our lives hardly realizing the reality of war. I think we should take a look at the bloodshed and sad truth around us. I am glad you appreciated it. America is very lucky that way, some parts of the world have a war going on right now. It is sad, it will always be sad.

  6. “They say give up your life for the country,
    Until there is no country to bank upon.” — this did it for me!!! Sometimes, when I am just sitting, having tea maybe, and not even writing, this is what comes to my mind… that we fight wars, in the name of Defending our Country.. if we keep fighting, there will be no country left to defend… Another example: Religion. I am beginning to hate that very word! Cuz we have changed it’s meaning altogether!!!

    This poem was a brilliant piece of work, DP… Bravo!!!
    Heart-wrenching, yes! But so are the facts of this world! Heart-wrenching! Our heads need some drilling into…and you, with this amazing poem here, have done a marvelous job!
    Hats off, girl…

    1. The world is a mess right now, and we all live our lives as if nothing is happening. War, religion, politics, media, everything is feeding us only half truths, and so many terrible things are happening which we probably don’t even know about.

      I can understand your dislike for the word religion. I have been an Atheist for a long time, but I do know one thing, that all this hype over religions is worthless. People are just using it as an excuse to not see deeper issues. It makes me sad to think that just because of a few radicals, everyone belonging to that religion must suffer. Religion has turned out to be nothing but trouble.

      Thank you for reading, I am glad that you appreciate it and understand the depth of the situation.

      1. I have written a few quotes.. and particularly 2 of them seem most appropriate as comments for your post:
        “Sadly, no man-made abstract (e.g. religion) has ever really been benevolent to the human race”

        “I think man goes to war so as to be able to appreciate peace better. Sad are some ways of life… ”

        And I sincerely believe in these too!

        1. Wonderful quotes, and they hold so much truth. It is sad to see how destructive the human race can be. Thank you for sharing your quotes, I agree with them both completely. They are very profound and speak volumes of truth.

  7. It amazes me that we have a volunteer army here in the states and men and women volunteer,

    powerful words, well written, so many of us long for peace.


    1. I didn’t know about this volunteer army. Thank you for telling me. I find it hard to believe, but then again, they must be very very patriotic.

      Thank you, I am glad you liked it. I sometimes wonder if there will ever be real peace. Somehow the world doesn’t seem to be able to rest without a war or two raging somewhere or the other.

  8. You voiced every human beings’ dilemma and heartbreaks about war, it’s so touchingly dark and haunting… Great diction too… i must thank you for writing this epic and universal cries…

  9. chilling… on one hand, I have to be mad at this war… well, all war I guess… on the other hand, I have to support those in my family/extended family who have been to war. it is very conflicting in my head because I don’t support this war, but am I in turn not supporting my family/friends?

    I guess I need to just pray they will all be safe… what else is there?

    good job with the poem, it carries a significant weight and definitely does it’s job of making the reader think. thank you!

    1. Just because we don’t support the war doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support those in our family who go out to fight the war. I am sure most people who are out there fighting the war don’t support the war themselves, but need to fight for the country.

      As for touching upon the deeds that take place out there, like the plunder, I speak on those terms because I have seen examples of the Army misusing their rights by exploiting women and hurting the innocent. Such deeds I don’t support, and as long as people restrain from committing such deeds, I don’t see anything wrong in supporting them.

      I hope all is well with your family and extended family involved in the war. It must be frightening.

      Thank you for your appreciation. 🙂

  10. Yes that does seem to be the way history as we know it- always seems like some discontent and violence raging in humanities hearts.

    In the US, after the Vietnam war we went from a draft to a volunteer army — that promises young men and women an education and career, for a commitment to serve their country.

    There is some interesting dynamics surrounding the attitude when they discover what war is really about a whole other topic, but the subtle point I was alluding to in my comment above.


    1. Thank you for the insight. It must be quite disheartening realizing what the war is really about. I do wish the truth was revealed, but then again if they were to do that, there would be more protests than support. Even now you find many protests. I wish there was a way to end all war.


    You captured that the true devastation of war is to the heart. My daughter’s grandfather was one of only a handful of survivors at Hill 875 in Vietnam and he was never the same both for what was done to him and what he had to do to survive, but he had a chest full of ribbons sanctioning both.

    My favorite lines were

    The flames go on dancing one by one,
    Competing to be the most graceful

    I think fire has a macabre beauty in that its essence is both death and rebirth. That’s why my gravatar is the Phoenix.

    I’m blown away!!

    1. Thank you so much! It must be a life changing experience going out to war, having to kill, or get killed. Having a surviver in the family really must be something! I just wish we could put an end to this war, so that people never have to go through that kind of suffering.

      I agree, fire is something very beautiful, symbolizing both destruction and creation. If you notice, my blog icon is flames. I love the concept of the Phoenix as well!

  12. sorry I’m late here…(uncooperative internet!sigh!)
    Ur poem echoes the frustration at war everyone feels…its pointless, isn’t it…to wage a war wreak destruction…y wud u want to gain power wen the object to wield power over no longer exists…war is a disease like u say…i have no idea Wat greater good they seek wen they declare war..
    powerful poem…

    1. No need to apologize Hoiden, thanks for visiting! Yes, war is so very pointless, all it does it take away lives, and burn terrible memories of atrocious deeds on the minds of the people who have to suffer. They say “All’s fair in love and war”, but I ask, how is war fair in itself? I do hope the world wakes up and realizes they only cause more harm than good by these wars they rage. You’d think that by now people would be intelligent enough to figure it out. Sadly they aren’t.

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