The world lies awake at the break of dawn,
As the shot is heard in the distance.
It smells of rotting hearts,
This sad stench of endless fear.

Burning away, under the waves of gasoline,
Like the cremation of a life that once was.
The flames go on dancing one by one,
Competing to be the most graceful.

The tides rise and fall, like a storm subsided,
Waiting for the bullets to rain again.
The engines can be heard in the distance,
Undecided whether foe or friend.

And fear grips, spreading through the silence,
Contagious is the madness all around.
A disease kills humanely,
But these bombs only kill with uncertainty.

Was it a bullet that killed you dear friend,
Or was it the blast from the bomb?
Was it my heart that longed too much,
Or the background music of war?


They say give up your life for the country,
Until there is no country to bank upon.
Where is the nation which protects its citizens,
Why does this nation take the lives of their own men?

The plunder of war, free to loot all,
From the broken dishes carried by beggars,
To the virtue of innocent women,
Then turn around and say justice has been done.

Where is the justice, if good men must kill?
If good men turn insane, and loot,
The innocence of the people they are meant to protect.
If good men must turn their back on their deeds just to survive.

This is war, dear friends, genocide, murder,
With a legal document proclaiming the killers innocent,
For the real killers are the ones who never step on the battlefield,
And are never punished for the bloodshed they give birth to.


The above was written for Thursday Poets Rally 26 hosted by Jingle