I must tell you, dear friend,
When disappointment comes knocking at your door,
There’s little else you can do
But accept it like a precious gift,
And keep it with you,
Hidden for fear of losing it.

Yet always secretly hope you forget the hiding place,
Like a lost key to a door
Behind which you find your darkest fears.

When the play of shadows magnify
Your buried disillusionment,
Softly whisper to yourself,
That they are but a shadow,
Of a life you once had.
A life you chose to leave behind.

For our disenchantments are a figment,
A mere projection of our present,
Taken from the past, striving to survive to the future.


Infinite Joy is sad,
But Infinite Sorrow beautiful.

44 thoughts on “Disappointment”

  1. What an interesting take on the subject!!!
    That’s a good way to look at it…
    When I try to sound like an optimist (:)), that’s what I tell myself too.. and it actually works well..

    Enjoyed reading this one! A good reminder!

    Infinite joy – there is no such thing
    But Infinite Sorrow – gives you a hope πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Kavita! Often I find myself bogged down by disappointments, may it be in people or work, but letting ourselves get troubled by them won’t help at all. So I tried to look at them with a different perspective.

      Infinite joy, if existed, would be the saddest thing.
      Infinite sorrow…yes it does give on hope πŸ™‚

      Have you read “The God of Small Things” -Arundhati Roy?

      1. Naaa…not read it YET! When it comes to books, I am all about thrill and mystery πŸ™‚ And some “other” favorites..
        But somehow, when I see the name “Arundhati Roy”, I feel kinda sad and sombre, and so I end up not reading her books.. πŸ™‚ It’s just mental block thingie…

        1. That happens to me too Kavita, mental block towards some books I think are somewhat heavy. I do the same with movies too. Just put them high up on my pending list. But I will make it a point to get around to them. What are your favorite books?

  2. Great Lines …………Keep it up ! Reminds of “The Shawshank Redemption” ! am gonna watch it today ……Again congrats !

  3. Each morning is like a door for me… exposing me to a new day. and when those days turn out to be sour, i try to lock the door and throw away the keys as far as possible.
    Great thoughts, my friend.

  4. it happens,
    at times people ignore you unintentionally,
    be patient,
    reach out…

    other times,
    one holds too unrealistic expectations then get disappointed…

    thanks for the highlight.

    1. Ah, those unrealistic expectations, that unrealistic hope which finally leads to disappointment. Well, live moves on. Thanks for reading Jingle! It is nice to hear your thoughts

  5. This was sadly optimistic. My favorite lines were:

    For our disenchantments are a figment,
    A mere projection of our present,
    Taken from the past, striving to survive to the future.

    So true…

  6. Yet always secretly hope you forget the hiding place,
    Like a lost key to a door
    Behind which you find your darkest fears.

    absolutely true…this is a brilliant poem:)

    Infinite Joy is sad,-no chance of that infinite joy doesnt exist…n if it did it wud hav been numbing..n life wudnt be exciting witout its trials
    But Infinite Sorrow beautiful-in a way it is…it shows you a true perspective of the world around…

    1. Glad you liked the poem.

      Yes, Infinite joy would take away all the fun from life, and one wouldn’t know how to appreciate the good things. That’s why I agree that it would be the saddest thing in the world.

      Infinite sorrow on the other hand…*sigh* Yes, it does show a lot of perspective about life. People tell me there is no such thing as Infinite sorrow either, but I think there is.

  7. It is strange how much our disappointmets take cotrol of ourselves… I hope that you see the rays of hope in your life…

  8. Beautiful (as always). You write with such astounding resonance and it speaks with such great power. Thanks for the uplifting take on sorrow and wrong turns in life.~


  9. “Yet always secretly hope you forget the hiding place”….we try hard to forget but then it isn’t easy.
    Disappointments can do more than just shattering you.

    1. Yes Mansi, I agree, trying to forget is the hardest thing to do. Disappointment does a lot more than shatter you, and it’s really sad that it does (makes me think of that quote, β€œDeath is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” – Norman Cousins), but we can’t let every disappoint become heavy stones pulling us down. Someday we need to let go and be free…No matter how hard it is.

  10. What a wonderful twist at the end to turn sorrow into beauty and hope πŸ™‚
    I will carry that thought with me at the sight of my next disappointment.
    Must find more time in my days to read here πŸ™‚

  11. I wish I had more time to play hopscotch on the blog board. I love catching a poet that says the words just right.

    This was beautifully conveyed

    Moon smiles

  12. dear deadpoet,

    what a timely post about disappointment. this is simply beautiful. i agree to all the observations you have. dissappointment is a silhouette to your future and the shadow of the past you are trying to make better. but i think, the effort, though we sometimes fail, is worth it. for another try.

    thanks for sharing.

    1. Very truly said Marvin, sometimes the effort is worth it, sometimes we fail. It is just so hard to assess where to channel our effort and where not to. Sometimes we try so hard to make things work, but no matter what we do, it falls apart. Thank you for reading, I am glad you liked it.

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