Demons of the Past


The demons of our past stand naked,
Running free through the fields of our mind.
And we hide, we hide from ourselves,
This past which cannot be denied.

The ranger passes through, singing,
And the mist does slowly disappear.
Yet the demons go on cowering,
In these songs we hold so dear.

Raging through the wild dust storms,
These demons bring naught but strife.
Lurking, waiting, to pounce upon us,
As we go about trying to live this short life.

The rain pours, and the willow whispers,
Yet all that can be heard are the voices.
These demons, always screaming in the head,
Of the past, and once made choices.

Exhaustion seeps into the mind so silently,
Exacerbating the insanity within these thoughts.
The demons feed with such power,
The battle seems lost even before it has been fought.

Somewhere along the paths of destruction,
Lie the shadows that evolve from the light.
And these demons striving so hard to kill from within us,
Too must die at the hands of the fading night.


I bow down to the demons,
For I was but a truant,
Waiting in the darkness,
Never stepping into the light.


And fellow bloggers and readers, I am back! I am just too much in love with writing to take a break. Glad the phase is over, glad that I could make up my mind.

Start Something

Nuclear War


You told me to start something
So I said, “Let’s start a war!”
A war that will go on forever

All you need are heartless men
Weapons of mass destruction
And souls to sell to the devil

War doesn’t need a cause or reason
All it requires is the power of hate
Hate being the most primitive emotion

So there you go, you have the power
As all your soldiers stand in line
Give your command and watch them die

You told me to start something
So I said, “Let’s start a war!”
A war that will go on forever

Rivers of blood endlessly flowing
Bringing the Devils’ Hell back on earth
As flames go on burning everything living

The agonizing cries of injured children
Haunting moans of long dead soldiers
Forming the music of exploding bombs

Machine guns feeding everyone bullets
As nuclear bombs kill our tomorrow
Tanks crushing the lifeless gone beyond

You told me to start something
So I said, “Let’s start a war!”
A war that will go on forever

So much killing, blood spilling
Mass destruction of the earth forever more
Forever in debt to Man’s merciless fury

Fallen are the towering skyscrapers
Failed are the dead men reeking of blood
All to be seen never again, nevermore

Barren, desolated, lifeless arms of Mother Earth
Hugging the dead, drinking the flesh
Soothing her burns with man’s fiery detest

You told me to end something
So I said, “Let’s end your war!”
Your war, which was to go on forever

But it’s too late as the sun sets on death…


Howdy, it’s been a while. Well, just putting this up because I’ve been thinking of sharing it for a long time. I wrote this years ago, well about five years ago to be more exact.

I’ll be back soon enough.




A sin, a song, a silent sigh,
Seven deadly songs are sung.
Softly sinking into the seven seas,
Sweet sabotage has sadly not begun.

Are we meant to drown at the hands of Avarice,
Only to find the bloodied hands were our very own?

Or will the hands of Lust strangle,
Like the demons that lay us down to sleep?

There are many whom we may Envy,
But none do we Envy more than potential in us lost.

With Wrath we wish to burn all those who cross our path,
But at the end we alone burn, for Wrath destroys only its parent.

Does our hedonistic Gluttony have any limits?
Or are we doomed to become Gluttons in body and soul?

Sloth capriciously creeps into the cracks of our being,
Until our minds have been completely consumed, leaving vacuum.

Vanity gives us the illusion of floating higher than all,
But when falling, we feel the greatest pain as we softly touch the ground.

A sin, a song, a silent sigh,
Seven deadly songs are sung.
Softly sinking into the seven seas,
Sweet sabotage has sadly not begun.


The above has been posted for Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 27, hosted by Jingle.

Like I promised earlier, I’d still post this one. As for an update on the previous post, I think I will be back sooner than I thought. At least I find it terribly hard to stay away from writing and blogging. Hopefully that terrible empty dead feeling goes away, it’s the only thing holding me back. One death is bad enough, a second is unbearable!

Also, if it is not too much trouble for you kind bloggers, please check out my photography blog. I might continue to update that, provided I go out and take photographs. Here’s the link: Ripples Through this Imagination.

All the best to everyone!


Summer Wind


Summer has come and gone,
And the fragrance of these soft memories,
Hang heavy in the air.
Leaving traces of a life I once had,
Lingering on in the touch of your breath,
Fleeting, always fleeting, never to be caught,
These memories I have tried so hard to hang on to.

Memories, forgotten or destroyed.


False Promises

I recently watched a movie, Where the Wild Things Are, and I felt it was one of the most wonderful movies I’ve watched lately. Though it made me very sad, because somewhere I could relate to Max, except the ending, where he at least finds a reason to smile. Well, the following has been influenced a bit by the movie, though not completely.

Where the Wild Things Are


Today I feel unwanted, my eccentricity,
Pulling me down under the waves of life.
I am sorry, I couldn’t be better.

The waves of the ocean, so beautiful,
Glittering like diamonds lost,
Taking the weak, leaving the strong.

I tried to be the ruler of the world,
To take away all the sorrow and pain,
But I could awaken only false hopes and dreams.

The sands, coming from eroding stone,
Swirling in the yellow desert,
Until no sands are left at all.

I thought I could bring happiness into your life,
By building up a world for me and you,
A world you thought you could only dream of.

The mountains and rivers,
And boat rides down the hill,
It’s a beautiful world you wished to builid.

I tried hard, with you by my side,
To build up from scratch, this paradise,
Which was supposed to bury all the sadness and pain.

The owls go circling up overhead,
Giving advice when asked in seven words,
But I could not understand how to spread smiles.

And I am sorry, dear friend, for letting you down,
Disappointment  hangs heavy above you,
I am sorry I couldn’t be the one to bring you happiness.

I must say goodbye, leave you to pick up,
The pieces of your life I left disarray,
But please know, I shall always love you and miss you.

I go sailing to a land far away,
But I have no home to run back to,
Forgive me dear friend, for leaving you a mess.


Some Awards, and a Poem -> Tic-Tacs

I am going to club a couple of award posts into one post.

The first award is the Perfect Poet Award for Poets’ Rally Week 26, which was given to me by Jingle, and I am very honored to receive it. Thank you so much for nominating me, I really appreciate it and I don’t have enough thank yous to give out.

The Perfect Poet Award – Week 26

I would like to nominate Amanda for the Perfect Poet Award for Week 27.

To accept the above award, I must write a Poem or Haiku. I have never tried writing a Haiku before (apologies if I made some mistake in this one), so I thought I would try it out. Criticism is most welcome.


I am addicted,
To orange flavored tic-tacs,
Drowning ecstasy.


I have another award to give out. I am very grateful to Amanda and Jamie Dedes passed this award on to me, and I must thank you both for this award. I am honored to receive it. Here is the list of bloggers I would like to pass this award to. Please pass it on to 1 to 10 people to accept this award.

Outstanding Blogger Award

Thank you to everyone, have a lovely week ahead!




The world lies awake at the break of dawn,
As the shot is heard in the distance.
It smells of rotting hearts,
This sad stench of endless fear.

Burning away, under the waves of gasoline,
Like the cremation of a life that once was.
The flames go on dancing one by one,
Competing to be the most graceful.

The tides rise and fall, like a storm subsided,
Waiting for the bullets to rain again.
The engines can be heard in the distance,
Undecided whether foe or friend.

And fear grips, spreading through the silence,
Contagious is the madness all around.
A disease kills humanely,
But these bombs only kill with uncertainty.

Was it a bullet that killed you dear friend,
Or was it the blast from the bomb?
Was it my heart that longed too much,
Or the background music of war?


They say give up your life for the country,
Until there is no country to bank upon.
Where is the nation which protects its citizens,
Why does this nation take the lives of their own men?

The plunder of war, free to loot all,
From the broken dishes carried by beggars,
To the virtue of innocent women,
Then turn around and say justice has been done.

Where is the justice, if good men must kill?
If good men turn insane, and loot,
The innocence of the people they are meant to protect.
If good men must turn their back on their deeds just to survive.

This is war, dear friends, genocide, murder,
With a legal document proclaiming the killers innocent,
For the real killers are the ones who never step on the battlefield,
And are never punished for the bloodshed they give birth to.


The above was written for Thursday Poets Rally 26 hosted by Jingle




I must tell you, dear friend,
When disappointment comes knocking at your door,
There’s little else you can do
But accept it like a precious gift,
And keep it with you,
Hidden for fear of losing it.

Yet always secretly hope you forget the hiding place,
Like a lost key to a door
Behind which you find your darkest fears.

When the play of shadows magnify
Your buried disillusionment,
Softly whisper to yourself,
That they are but a shadow,
Of a life you once had.
A life you chose to leave behind.

For our disenchantments are a figment,
A mere projection of our present,
Taken from the past, striving to survive to the future.


Infinite Joy is sad,
But Infinite Sorrow beautiful.