A bloodless strife hung heavy in the air,
The strain of which left me weakened.
The flash of anger, the screaming,
Were reduced to echoes in my head,
As I silently watched the blood drip,
Down my hands, like blade on ice.

The world gave a shudder,
As the will of my being broke apart.

It was the wounds that tore me apart,
Growing like a cancerous tumor.
The scars of loving you, never quite erased,
Off the face of my stitched up heart.
Oh the anger, it was always the anger,
Or it was the psychosis of my mind?

The lands cracked under pressure,
As the strain of living, deep inside, surfaced.

Weary grows the idle mind, weary with rust,
The cracks deepen, till it crumbles into dust.
When was the first weapon planted,
Deep beneath the layers of this love?
It was a silent killer, slowly spreading like a virus,
Until it consumed all there was to take.

The oceans fight a raging storm,
The ship is sinking, down, down it goes.

There remains no structure to lean on,
No spark of life to keep me hanging.
Falling, I am falling, deep into the ocean,
As the waves crash me upon the rocky shore.
Your voice whispers inside my mind,
“It was only the calm before the gathering tempest.”

The bullets shoot across the battlefield,
I was hit long before it rained.

Life is a battlefield, which never sleeps,
For even in dreams, the bombs fly artfully.
The haunting sound of your silence overwhelms,
As I writhe in pain, waiting as the tears stream down my face.
If only you understood the working of my mind,
Or maybe I was the one who never saw the torment of yours.

The volcano erupts in a flare of burning vice,
Smothering completely all in its path.

Your scrutiny of my being, of my body, mind, and soul,
Was only a dissection of that which you do not know.
For you never chose to see me as more than a shadow of myself,
But termed what you did see as the body of a shadow.
If you see the fire as a form of destruction,
You will only have the ability to destroy.

And destroy you did, with your single act of kindness,
That fine thread which tied my heart to yours.


33 thoughts on “Altercations”

  1. This was very painful… The sorrow and hurt surfaced on my screen! So deep was the emotion in your poem..
    “The bullets shoot across the battlefield,
    I was hit long before it rained.” — the lines, to me, spoke much more than anyone could ever try explaining!!!
    A beautiful poem… Sad, but very well written..
    Touched my heart…you really have a way with words, girl! You are absolute perfection for the undead world 🙂 Okay, that last line was uncalled for… But the seething pain in your verses, the coldness that spurs from all the sorrow — it’s all extremely well done!!!
    I only hope it’s all fantasy..

    1. Thanks a lot Kavita. Sorry for the late reply, I was out of station over the weekend.

      I really appreciate that you liked it so much. It is a sad thing people have to go through, if they really feel deeply for someone and have to watch them leave. There is both pain and coldness left behind.

      I once read somewhere, that to write anything truly meaningful, one must go through a lot of pain and suffering. I don’t say my work is meaningful though.

      1. Oh…please… no apologies needed! It was a weekend after all 🙂
        And as for your poem, they are meaningful ALRIGHT!!! There’s no doubt about that at all!!

        A VERY HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY TO YOU! ( I am late by a day in wishing….. but it doesn’t matter, does it!?:))

        1. Thanks, I find it surprising that anyone would think they’re meaningful. Everything I write has too much of me in it, sometimes I wish I could include nothing of myself in my stuff. Whenever I try to do that, I land up deleting all I’ve written. So as much as I wish it were, it’s not fantasy I write about.

          Happy friendship day to you too! (It doesn’t matter at all that it’s late, I think everyday is like a friendship day 🙂 )

  2. I can imagine the depth of the pain you tried to express here. Emotional issues can be depressing. I always pray for strength each time which I keep in store just in case. Take care of you and have a splendid weekend.


    1. Thank you Emmanuel. Yes, emotional issues are very depressing, and so hard to get over. Yet, I think if we all try to do positive things, we can get over it sooner.

      Take care, and I hope you have a great week ahead.

  3. Wow…this is very deep and thought provoking…I read it again and it ouched my heart so much!! You write so eloquently…thanks my friend for sharing 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. oh sorry i dint leave a comment abt ur poem sooner…

    u’ve evoked beautifully the pain and emotion…i cud feel every bit of it as i read…wonderful poem…sad…but still wonderful

    1. Thank you, I am glad you liked it. It is indeed sad to watch our world crumble around us. Yet, I’m sure someday the pieces will fall back into place. 🙂 Take care!

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