Sad Cat


My only sin was to love you unconditionally,
But the price I am now paying.
I shall not love ever again,
As long as I take this breath of mortal life,
For in me is dead, the fire of life.
Only empty cold stone continues to exist.

He was a man who calculated the value of all
With the weight of paper and metal.

I must go on, as life is a gift far too precious,
A gift I would discard,
If only I could weigh it out with gold.
But life is far beyond the tangible we seek,
It can never be bought back,
Nor can one life be replaced with another.

He was a man who knew no sentiment,
Except for that of his own.

Must I feel for my entire life,
This agony I feel slowly poisoning my heart?
It seeps beneath my skin, burning like acid,
Killing me softly,
But only in the mind and soul,
As my body lies untouched.

He was a man who had everything one could want,
But valued nothing except the immaterial.

I am physically alive,
What good is a body enslaved by mental pain?
No, I am dead in every aspect,
Dead as the rotting wood in the backyard,
Dead for the maggots of the mind and heart to take over,
And eat, till nothing of me is left.

He was a man who was a victim of greatness,
Such that he could see nothing beyond himself.

There is only an emptiness,
A void were life should have been.
The noise of the vacuum becomes deafening,
As it grasps onto every aspect of my life.
This broken heart has consumed all,
Such that even the bowels find themselves empty.

He was a man who towered over giants,
The very giants who made him a man.

Where tears should be, I have only dry cheeks.
Where a smile paints itself, the paint runs dry.
Where passion should be, exists only apathy.
Where love should be, only indifference is supplied.
For it is the emptiness in me which speaks aloud,
Emptiness which lives, and which shall die.

He was a man who knew no boundaries,
Save for the limitations of his empty heart.

I can feel a phantom pain where my heart should have been,
The heart which was torn out
And shredded a million times over.
This empty pain shall be with me always,
Haunting me till the ends of time,
As once amputated, it can never be regrown.

He was a man who knew how to live,
But never knew the feeling of being alive.

What is this emptiness which has consumed me?
Leaving behind regrets for me to feed on,
And I am pondering, wondering, where did I go wrong?
But the answers remain hidden.
And so I live a mere shadow of a life,
All because my only sin was to love you unconditionally.

He was a man whom I once dared to love,
Until he chose to leave me forsaken.


23 thoughts on “Forsaken”

  1. Powerful! Dark and cruel too, in an odd sorta way..
    But I thoroughly enjoyed reading it..
    You have touched upon every aspect of life within the drapes of love… you’ve covered it all, girl! Awesome!

    The picture REALLY complements the poem like crazy!! Perfect!

    1. Thanks Kavita, I am really glad that you liked it. Yes, it is kind of dark and cruel, but I am sure many have felt this way at some point of time. Thank you for your appreciation.

  2. This is extremely powerful. What’s sad is that so many don’t realize that unconditional love is not the problem. Love, by definition, IS unconditional. It’s people’s actions towards us that we should judge conditionally.

    You are so talented, I am always impressed by your work.


    1. Yes, sadly people don’t realize that love is in itself unconditional. More often than not, people say they love you without even understanding what love means. Life would be so much easier if people judged the right things.

      Thank you so much for reading, and I am glad you enjoyed it.

  3. the cat is so cute!!!!

    the poem is amazing!!!!!
    its so sad but u’ve lent power to those emotions….great read…thank u for stopping by my blog:)

    1. Thank! I am glad you liked it. Yes, it is quite sad, but I guess at some point or another everyone has felt that way.

      Yes, the cat was so cute I couldn’t resist!

      Thanks for visiting!

  4. dear deadpoet,

    the sentiments laid here are powerful and i can feel it too. it rings true to the core as if the sinews of my heart ripped out. how could a man forsake a beautiful love you have to offer unconditionally? there is no greater love than this. how could a man be indifferent to the depth of affection you express? he is so blessed to have a woman loving him such this. such devotion and commitment. bravo for the poem! excellent.

    1. Thank you Marvin, for your kind words. I am glad you liked it. Yet I must touch upon the fact that it may be a possibility the woman was never good enough for the man in the first place. I guess in such a case expecting to be loved back would be selfish of the woman. Of course this is not in context with the poem, I am just trying to point out a possibility.

      It is a strange world we live in, rare is unconditional love, and yet when found, people still throw it away. It makes me afraid to even think about it. How can one tell their heart to stop loving because their love is unreturned? How can one have faith in love? Is there such thing as love anyways?

      Anyways there are so many questions which can be asked regarding love. I wonder whether there are answers.

      Thank you for your lovely comment, it is always a delight to see a comment from you.

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