Darkness Prevails


It was a matter of right and wrong,
A matter of truth and lies,
A matter of justice and injustice.
Yet still did evil triumph over good,
And the world rejoiced.

“Morality is to be shot,”
They said,
“Like the murder of a mocking-bird,”
And the world rejoiced.
We are but sacrifices on the altar of greed.


Darkness creeps into the veins of mortals,
Silently humming a song of mourning,
As it carves into the heart a mark of evil.

All that is left is pain,
Shooting through blackened veins,
Like trying to breathe underwater.

Life hangs by a fine thread of darkness,
As a Hobson’s Choice is given to all mortals,
Do evil or accept water in place of air.


12 thoughts on “Triumph”

  1. deadpoet,

    i cannot fathom where you get inspiration to pen such a dark and brooding poem? it simply mesmerizing. i do not know what’s about the Hobson’s Choice. kindly elaborate.

    1. Hobson’s Choice: An apparently free choice that offers no real alternative.

      We all have experiences which leave us with something. I have seen a little too much of evil triumphing over good. I hope they’re only battles won, and not the war itself. 🙂 Thanks for your appreciation.

  2. this is amazing did you really write it ? if so how on earth are you able to come up with the words to create such an amzing poem ?

    1. Haha, yes I did write it. Thank you for your appreciation, but it is really not that good. As for inspiration, I myself am not sure, it is tough to think of something when I want to think, generally it just comes to me at unexpected times. If I’m lucky, I’ll have a notebook around.

      Thank you for visiting my blog!

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