Writ in Stone

Written Verse


The past is writ in stone,
The present fluid,
The future hazy.

Burn the stone, but the past cannot be erased,
Break it, but the words shall remain,
Bury it, but it shall never decay.

The words written are permanent,
They may seem to fade,
But will come back someday with clarity.

The past cannot be avoided,
Cannot be forgotten,
Cannot be annihilated.

The past is, and shall always be words writ in stone…


We are but the slaves of Time,
Waiting silently for the fall of darkness,
Conquering the last breath on our lips.

The words whispered in the depths of the past,
Echo in these gifts bestowed upon us,
They are but a faint fragrance lost in the wind.

Broken are the words that travel around the world,
Lost are the memories that forged them,
As the sands bury the smiles lingering softly in the air.

The Past still lives on, permanent, unmoved,
Sometimes forgotten, sometimes newly discovered,
Existing always, writ in stone.


False words cannot alter,
That which has already passed,
For the truth prevails above all.

We may strive to hide behind a mask,
Some behind good, others behind evil,
But a mask cannot hide us from ourselves.

We hide from a past out to haunt us,
As if shadows could erase who we are,
Alas, we only obliterate that which could have been.

We regret, we fight, we cower in the darkness,
All in vain, as we choose an enemy undefeated,
For the past is writ in stone.


12 thoughts on “Writ in Stone”

  1. This is so heartfelt… I could feel the energy in every stanza. I have a different belief about the past and the power it might yield, but your poem touched me deeply.

    (p.s. thank you for your beautiful comment on my Little Writer blog… I have been away from it for a while, but those writerly fingers are starting to twitch and demand expression. :))

  2. hi deadpoet,

    what a lovely poem you have here. and the sweet melodious interplay of past, present and future has been effectively laid down in these pages. it haunts me, for there is a magnanimity of truth in this poem. i like the philosophy you have molded in here.

    you have explored the realm of time, of words, and the shadows of past, which may be writ in stone and in a human’s soul a scar that won’t be healed.

    a thought provoking poem here.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Marvin,

      I am glad you liked it. This poem has a lot to do with experiences I’ve faced in my own life, and I know everyone faces in theirs.

  3. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

    Christian, iwspo.net

  4. My apologies for the long gap, after my first visit here.. I actually wasn’t blogging much all this while.

    You write beautifully, and its a pleasure going through your work. Wise words here, in delightful poetic garb, that enables your readers to relate to.

    I’ll most certainly be back for more, and this time, sans the long gap!

  5. Beautiful writing, feels like you’re telling everyone’s story~ So glad you left a comment so I could find this blog. πŸ™‚

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