Hold Me

If only…


Let me die in thine arms,
So the death I die may bring to me happiness.
I could have thee not in this life I lived,
Might I have thee in my death.

I love thee so, my dearest one.
Thou art all I wish to touch,
Thou art all I want to see,
Before these eyes close forever.
Love me dearest, before I go,

For I shall love thee for all eternity.
Hold me before I die dearest, hold me please,
Before my last breath tears us apart silently.


6 thoughts on “Hold Me”

  1. All I have to say is WOW! The photography you display on your blog is mind-blowing. You truly have a talented finger behind the lens…

    Great work, keep it up 😀


    1. Sorry to disappoint you, but I didn’t take that photograph. Most of the pictures I use on this blog aren’t taken by me, unless I mention otherwise. (For example, on my post, “Muse”, those photographs are mine).

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