Drunken Spirit

Oh drunken spirit, how doth thee be,
A mere figment of my reality?

Thy form so clear in frozen tears,
As love sings its requiem for oblivious fears.
Go on my friend, see beyond the bend,
And all you wished to end shall end.

The mind is a cadaver, buried alive,
Broken, unwilled, left to shrivel and die.

Thy mind tastes like honey, tastes like sweet wine,
Forever locked in a memory, the key for which I pine.
Show me the fountainhead from which you spring,
What gives thy mind life, what makes thee sing?

The body is perfection, a master’s art,
Enslaved by beauty, conditions of the heart.

Why is it that thy beauty binds,
Like thorns entwined, thy love so blind?
Silver threads twist and turn, churn, unlearned,
Like hate thee spurned, and perfection earned.

The soul is depraved, as mortals say,
Like religious wars that kill each day.

Thy soul is divine, so truthful and blithe,
Like honeybees dancing on a warm spring’s flight.
Crystal clear streams of thy goodness flows,
Melting me like snow, melting into a firefly’s glow.

The heart, they say, has a fragile base,
Break it once and it never repairs.

Thine heart is a safe haven, one made of warm gold,
Thine heart is my savior, such lies cannot be told.
So hold me close, dear spirit, breathe me into life,
Unite our hearts into one; someday make me thine own.

Alternative ending (older):

Thine heart is snake’s venom, thine heart is cold,
Thine heart was my savior, but then it was sold.
Strewn are the broken pieces, shattered is this life,
Forgotten is this spirit, as slowly even my soul dies.


I wrote the above a long time ago. The ending is still not quite right though, so one can say it’s still a “Work in Progress”. I would like to thank Charles for pointing out a few mistakes, which I have fixed in this version. I wonder why I never posted this one earlier, it being one of my favorite pieces.

16 thoughts on “Drunken Spirit”

  1. hello,

    A very well written piece in Elizabethan English , i like both the endings .

    The body is perfection, a master’s art, Enslaved by beauty, conditions of the heart i love this line it captures so much in just few words.

  2. @Mahima Thanks! Yes, i like that line a lot. I consider this one of my best poems by far.

    @Yashi, I agree, I like the second one better too. Plus, it is a more likely than the first ending.

    @Utsav thanks! By beautiful do you mean on the basis of content or physical appearance?

  3. Thanks for the warm comments.. and sorry for the late visit, I was’nt blogging much the past few days, you see..
    A lot of blogs you see here… you don’t need much time to browse through.. but there are a few, a special, rare few.. when you just need to take that extra bit of time.. to assimilate, to interpret, to relate to, and simply to admire.. I found yours to be one of such.
    Read a few of your works.. excellent writing.. and this one sure took the fancy. The way you make the drunkenness of the soul a matter of profound poetic indulgence – the intent, the yearning, throbs with a wistful valour.. read a piece as beautiful as this after a long, long time..

    1. Thank you for visiting! I would say the same about your site, one must spend time there and really relate to and admire all that you write. You are a very talented writer.

  4. Sharp usage of high-brow language to get the ideas & theme across to the reader. Very Cartesian differentiation between the images of various body parts and symbolism made for a nice parallel track within the poem. Thanks for posting, always happy to read such a fantastic poem.


  5. All the members of our self seem to war with one another…when one shines another dulls, but Love seems to cover all for the better. I like the end you chose rather than the older one, but I’m a romantic. Very well written piece. Thanks for linking it with Potluck πŸ™‚

  6. I am asking that same question, this is one of the greatest one you have written DP…I also loved the end…for obvious reasons πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ..Happy you linked this with Potluck!! xxx

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