A Lost Cause?


It is a sunny day and the birds are chirping,
But inside my head you will only find a raging storm.
Been in conflict forever, always divided in two,
Yet I look not around me with feelings of scorn.

“Lie in conflict, lie in pain, lie until you become insane,
Waste away the life that could have been,
While the altercation of your mind drowns you within.
Alas, thou squander thyself with thine own hands…”

It is in my heart that I keep these lies so safely,
All that leaves my lips is the naked truth.
For though we try so hard to cover up our bodies,
The nakedness of our minds will find a way to shine through.

“Aye, the truth she says! What truth?
In a world where all wish to live behind a veil of fallacy,
What would one get by wearing a sword of honesty?
Oh the despair, oh the despair!”

Long lost are the thoughts that bleed through my heart,
And smear the pages with black blood.
Forever I shall wait, as the red drops pour forth,
Leaving behind a numbness, an empty cold void.

“What know thee of emptiness, what know thee of eternity?
They are but exaggerations of thy heart.
There is no emptiness, there is no forever,
Lest thee permit them to prevail.”

It matters not who enters, nor who chooses to leave,
As the vacuum only grows and eternal time keeps ticking.
One cannot be the remedy of wounds left by another,
The cold-blooded massacre of a heart cannot be endured.

“Ah, but hearts were meant to be broken,
To be crushed and discarded  like autumn leaves.
There is no such thing, I say, there is no such thing!
Yet all still believe in this word called love.”

Time ticks away, like a bomb set to explode,
It damages more than it can repair.
Words when spoken, leave hearts so broken,
We are always running, far from our darkest fears.

“Do you fear it Dearie, do you fear like I do?
Fear living more than dying, I do.
Time heals Dearie, time heals all,
Sometimes I feel it would be easier to take the fall.”

We try so hard to smile, doing things that make us frown,
Yet smile I cannot, for I see more than one should see,
We desire in our hearts most to be left broken winged,
For only then do we feel that we are alive and truly believe.

“Oh, how can one desire to be broken,
When one flinches at the slightest hint of pain?
In a world where sacrifice has no meaning,
How can one say they live their life, if not in vain?”

We spend our whole lives, building up from dust,
A life we were taught to dream of.
Achieve dreams once, then what is left,
Oblivion or another dream for a dreamer?

“Wake up you fools, from this crazy dream,
Before nightmare it turns out to be!
Wake up and see, wake up and see,
We are but puppets at the end of a string!”

Alas, we dance with the waves of the world,
Without reason, without doubt, like robots with a lost cause…


This is a piece I have redone many times. Every time I fixed it up, not only were there drastic changes, but later I would never be satisfied. This is my third attempt at writing it. Though I must warn you, I may again feel the need to change it in the future. I shall put it up again in that case.

I need a small favor though, cannot think of an appropriate title for this poem. Any suggestions are welcome, and will be greatly appreciated! The current title needs to be changed.


32 thoughts on “A Lost Cause?”

  1. Apt would be not to give any title to this poem as it itself talks about absurdity of life.Giving title to this poem would be akin to giving meaning to life (which however hard we try turns to be absurd).I guess that’s why you could not come up with any appropriate title .. 😛 ( just a thought 😀 )

  2. “A poem is never finished, only abandoned.”

    The author of the quote escapes me now, but I have it on my page… somewhere. I enjoy your Oscar Wilde quote, I have always found his work fascinating.

    Your writing is inspired as well as inspiring, I wish you were in my Composition I class. It would be nice to have someone else in my class who could incorporate poetics into their prose. You would do well, I know that is why my instructor praises my assignments, I am the only one in the class that takes such formal assignments and sprinkles them with poetic metaphors and alliteration. Although she doesn’t let me get away with using archaic language… yet.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to poetry, I can never seem to write length, I rarely write over 10 lines, often less than 5. In that I envy you. I probably only have two or three poems that exceed one verse. It’s not that I don’t have more to say it’s just that… my instructor says I have “extreme brevity” of which I”m not sure it’s always a good thing.

    Although I do suppose they stick to ones ribs.

    Still, I am glad I stumbled upon your work, perhaps I can learn something that will inspire me to start writing poetry again. I can’t say that I haven’t lost my muse the last few months. The paper just stares back at me as if it’s taunting me.

    In ten years, I have only been inspired by three modern poets of whom I’ve met online, I would count you as the fourth. You are the only one I’ve seen who uses archaic English, that alone is inspiring. I was told years ago by a college professor that I should write more “modernly” and I had to ask her why, is this not the root of all English language that I love classic literature and poetry, I want to learn to write like my mentors.

    She conceded and sent me a list of rules for Elizabethan pronouns. Still, I don’t always write that way because it’s generally unacceptable by most people and editors, but for me it is the epitome of eloquence and class. I most readers and editors these days just don’t understand it and it’s not so marketable that it’s frowned upon.

    I would think it would be an achievement to produce a body of work of such stature. If I had a book filled with poems and poetry such as this, I would carry it with me everywhere. The depth, the eloquence, the passion.

    It is the meaning of life itself.

    1. I have never understood what’s wrong with using archaic language, I’ve always loved using it. Some of the most brilliant pieces were written in that time, and they wouldn’t be the same using today’s “modern” English. Often I find the pieces I write are incomplete without using Old English. I haven’t used it in too many of my pieces either though.

      You’ve got great talent, and admire you for being able to say so much in such few lines. To say the same thing, it would take me so many more lines, and yet I wouldn’t be able to catch the essence that you’ve been able to capture in your poetry. I am in awe of your work.

      I suffer from writer’s block more often than not, so I can understand how that blank page must be taunting you. The only thing I can say is just write, anything at all will do. Easier said than done, but I find it’s the only way I can get myself out of writer’s block. Please do start writing again, I would love to read more of your poetry. Don’t give up on writing archaic poetry either, people may not understand it, but I feel we should write more for ourselves, and write how we like writing best.

      I don’t often put up my work on blogs, more because people tell me they don’t understand poetry altogether! Yet poetry is my favorite form of written verse.

      I will look forward to reading more of your poetry. Thank you for the appreciation.

  3. Wow DP, a mastery of phrases and keeps the reader captivated from start to end!! “Alas, we dance with the waves of the world,
    Without reason, without doubt, like robots with a lost cause…“ will stay with me for a while. You are such a wonderful poet and leaves me speechless so many time. Thanks as always for supporting us dear one. Lovies from Downunder xxxxx

    1. Aww thanks Amanda! Really happy that you liked this one. Wasn’t sure about linking it in, as not many people appreciate Elizabethan English, but I am in love with this style of writing. 🙂

      Thanks for being a great host, along with Kavita! 😀

  4. “We are but puppets at the end of a string!”

    i started reading and i couldn’t stop… this is so intense. i can feel your passion as you wrote this. excellent writing!

  5. I enjoy your Elizabethan English, I think it always brings a classic nuance and grand aura to a work. And your poem has a complex depth, not easy to express. I re-write some of my poems too 😀
    Great work, DP 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree with your more Imagina, I am very fond of Elizabethan English, as to me it sounds so beautiful and poetic, which I believe our current language doesn’t match up to.

      Thank you for the appreciation. 🙂

  6. This was an amazingly well written piece, DP… with every poem you write (that I have read), I have grown to become more and more an ardent fan of your work! The poignancy in them is tremendous! You have an ability to bring out those feelings which many of us either prefer to keep buried, or find difficult to write about!

    Our life is indeed a plethora of events (dark and not so dark).. Alas, the pleasant ones are appreciated and fly by..but those dark ones truly DEFINE our lives.. cuz it’s our reaction to these dark events that show what we are truly made of!

    Shine on, oh star in the night… your light shows many of us our way!

    Thanks for sharing this BRILLIANT poem with poetry potluck! I LOVED the title you have given this poem… I personally think it is PERFECT!!
    Yet, keeping in mind your comment towards the end of this post, I could, for some reason, immediately think of “That elusive oasis”… I know!! Crude… 🙂 But that’s just me and my foolishly romantic self speaking 😉

    Rock on, girl!!
    Have a great week!! xoxoxoxo

    1. Oh my, I feel quite flattered Kavs, though I don’t think I’m nearly as good as you say I am.

      I don’t really know why I write about the things I write about. Those feelings and emotions, well I don’t really know why I do. I just do. I have an inclination to the darker side of things, always have had. Somehow it is these negative feelings which inspire me greatly.

      I agree with you completely when you say that the dark events are those which DEFINE us. In fact, it is those dark times in which you can truly see a person for who they are.

      Haha, it is funny that you would consider me a star to shine on and show the way. I think of myself as the darkness, the black depths of space 🙂

      Thank you for the appreciation, I really don’t have words. I really love your title and am really considering changing it to that. I don’t think it is foolishly romantic either, well I think I’m a foolish romantic, so maybe that is why I liked it so much. 🙂

      Have a great week! Do update me about the Roger Water’s show…I keep thinking about how I’ll miss that epic event.

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